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Gable Decorations – What Are They and How Do They Benefit You?

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Many people want to add personality and decorative elements to their property. These decorative pieces don’t need to be elaborate or obvious to catch people’s attention or enhance the beauty of a home. Gables are decorative embellishments that most people don’t notice at first glance but they do give your property a complete, finished appearance. At Worthington, we provide good-quality gable decorations that are manufactured in the US and made from durable materials.

What are Gables?

Gables are simple decorative brackets that are installed under the roof. They are placed under the angles of the roof where it reaches the highest pitch to add some flourish. Without gable ornaments, the space under the angles can look empty and plain. Gables come in a wide range of color and design options so you can choose something that fits your property perfectly. A good-quality gable should last for a long time with proper maintenance and is easy to install.

These fixtures can be as unique and fanciful as you like. We offer options that can easily fit different kinds of architecture. You can also find different size options for different kinds of roofs. Gables are typically residential ornament but they can be installed on commercial and industrial properties as well.

What are the Benefits of Gable Decorations?

Many homeowners skip gable ornaments, thinking that they’re unnecessary. However, these little fixtures offer a wide range of benefits that can help your house look like a home. Some of these benefits include:

  • Complete Look – Do you ever look at the exterior of your home and wonder why it looks unfinished or plain? Sometimes small accents and ornaments can ensure a structure looks finished and polished.

  • Easy Maintenance – Gable ornaments are low-maintenance installations. You just need to clean them once in a while to ensure they look good. The ornaments are usually made from materials like PVC or urethane, which means they can handle different weather conditions well.

  • Wide Range of Designs – These decorations come in a wide range of designs so you can easily find something that fits your property’s architecture. Options include Victorian, modern, geometric, craftsman-style, ornate, and more. Whether you have an old cottage or a modern villa, we have designs that can fit perfectly.

  • Suitable for All Budgets – These ornaments are quite affordable and available at a wide range of prices. You can easily find something that can suit your budget without any compromise in quality. The cost can range from under a hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars.

  • Material Choices – The gable decorations are made from different kinds of materials like wood, PVC, urethane, fiberglass, and sometimes even metal. Experts recommend polyurethane because it is affordable, resilient, and easy to maintain. While wood gables are attractive, they often require a lot of maintenance. You may need to take steps to ensure they don’t attract mold, mites, and other such problems.

If you want to know more about gable decorations or want to explore different options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Worthington today.