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Frequently Asked Questions About Polyurethane

Many people that buy architectural products for their home

may not realize that they most likely purchased a product that is made with polyurethane. The few that do have not hopped on the polyurethane bandwagon do not know what they are missing out on! Polyurethane simply lasts longer than most products and generally has a limited lifetime warranty. We get a lot of questions regarding our polyurethane products so we thought we would take the time to answer a few.

    1. Is polyurethane the same thing as polystyrene foam? No. Worthington urethane products are made from high-density polyurethane foam that is extremely rigid, unlike polystyrene which has a soft nature. Worthington Urethane has the look and feel of wood.
    2. How is the Worthington urethane product line created?Worthington polyurethane products are created by mixing isocyanate and resin together. The mixture is then injected into one of our custom handcrafted molds. Once the polyurethane has been injected into the mold, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the foam to rise and take the shape of the pattern inside of the mold. The mold is then placed under pressure until the polyurethane has taken shape and hardened, inside the mold. When the polyurethane has fully formed and hardened it can be removed from the mold, finished, and painted.
    3. Will polyurethane products melt in high temperatures?No. Polyurethane products are highly durable and will not be affected by normal outside heat temperatures
    4. Are special supplies needed to install polyurethane products?We recommend that you use stainless steel or non-corrosive fasteners along with the PL Premium adhesive. Basic tools that may be needed during installation are: Mitre saw, mitre box, screw driver, level, putty knife, and paint brush.
    5. What are some general tips about installing urethane products? Due to the sensitivity of decorative mouldings, Apex Urethane Millwork recommends over-cutting mouldings by ¼” per 10 foot length and spring fitting the moulding as tightly as possible.
    6. Does it require any special maintenance or upkeep?Wash with mild dish soap detergent and rinse. That is it!

Overall the polyurethane product is insect and waterproof and just simply overall more durable than any other decorative millwork product on the market.