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Four Backyard Uses for Decorative Fiberglass Columns

Fiberglass columns have an incredible number of uses and every home can use columns in a different way. The potential uses of columns in your home depend on the architecture, style, and where you would like to put them. However, indoors and porches aren't the only places you can put columns. You can also use fiberglass columns in truly impressive designs in the backyard itself. Columns look beautiful in an outdoor setting and often are reminiscent of classic roman and neoclassical architecture adding both class and function to your backyard design.

Today, we're bringing you for elegant backyard uses for decorative fiberglass columns. With these designs and those this article might inspire, your columns can become an essential part of the design or a beautiful accent for backyard features you already have.

1) Accent Your Gazebo

If you have a gazebo or are planning on building one, columns make a wonderful addition to the design. An older gazebo can be made like-new by re-wrapping those old wooden support posts with beautiful fiberglass. Columns have a way of making any structure appear more formal and elegant, and the same can be done with your gazebo. A fresh coat of paint combined with lovely soaring columns will make your gazebo look like it was newly built and completely reinvented. And the best thing is that there's no need to rebuild. Fiberglass columns come in long halves and can snap together right around your existing gazebo posts.

2) Support a Shady Trellis with Column Posts

Have you ever wanted an overhead vine trellis in your backyard? Columns are a wonderful opportunity to create a new lovely feature of your back garden. Columns that support an overhead trellis look wonderful as the vines not only grow over the wooden latticework but also wind their way down the columns themselves. If you have always wanted vine-covered columns but never had a reason to make it happen, now is your chance. Combining columns with gardening can create some truly stunning results.

3) Class Up Your Backyard Tree House or Jungle Gym

Your children's features in the backyard could also be made beautiful with fiberglass columns. if you have an old tree house with swings and a climbing ladder, columns can give your tree house an old classic look and columns are a wonderful add a decorative theme for a commercial children's jungle gym. Each vertical beam of your play structures in the backyard can be refitted as elegant columns, allowing you to create play sets themed as palaces for your little princes and princesses.

4) Accent a Water Feature

Water features are often the pride and joy of back gardens, particularly for homeowners who lovingly keep a fountain or water wall lovingly clean and peaceful in their private oasis. Surrounding accenting your water feature with fiberglass columns gives you a graceful and long-lasting way to enhance to enhance the beauty of your backyard place of inner peace. The columns can be used to support a decorative roof to shade your water feature and your backyard guests or even formed free-standing in a style reminiscent of ancient architecture under the open sky.


If these ideas have intrigued you or inspired an even more wonderful design to use columns in your backyard design, we would love to hear about it. Here at Worthington Millwork, we love creative new ways to put columns to use and can help you make your dream a reality. No matter what you want to do with your columns, contact us today to find out what we can do to help! We look forward to hearing from you.