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Five Factors to Consider While Shopping for Patio Balustrade Systems

A few decades ago, balustrade systems were strictly for safety purposes. Fast forward to today's advanced interior and exterior design age; they're increasingly taking on a design role. Thus they are more of a feature than a fixture, and you can use them to spice up different areas of your home. For instance, you can use them to add a creative pop to an otherwise plain-looking patio. If you're considering this, here are a few factors to help you get the perfect balustrade systems

What to Consider While Choosing Balustrade Systems for Your Patio

Balustrades can be a great addition to your patio. However, if you install them blindly, you may end up regretting. Fortunately, you can ensure that doesn't happen by considering the factors below

1. The Style

A patio is a prime space to entertain and enjoy your home's outdoors. For instance, when the weather allows, you can hold barbecues or dine with friends on it. Therefore, just because balustrade systems are primarily used for safety doesn't mean the beauty of your patio has to take a backseat during their installation. Consequently, get a balustrade system that adds the much-needed pop of style to your patio and at the same time complements your home's exterior design. Fortunately, with the diverse selection of American-made balustrade systems available today, choosing one that meets the mentioned criteria isn't that hard.

2. The Space

A patio is an extension of your indoor living space. This means that depending on the size of your home, it can either be spacious or have less room. Balustrade systems work best in a medium-sized or a large patio as they can be used to create different zones. For instance, for a medium-sized patio, you can create a small home garden and a sitting area by separating it with balusters. If space is not an issue, you can still use balustrade systems to create different zones. That said, space is an incredibly important factor to consider if you're considering patio balustrades.

3. The Material

If your space allows and you already have a particular style in mind, the next vital factor to consider while balustrade hunting is the material. Balustrade systems are available in an array of materials; hence, you need to select depending on what you want to achieve. For instance, if you're going for a classic style, wooden balustrades will do the trick. However, if you want a material that's both classic and durable, then polyurethane or aluminum balustrade systems are a perfect fit.

4. Privacy

If you live in a townhouse or a condo and your patio overlooks your neighbor's home, then you might want to use balustrades that not only add style to your home but also add privacy.

5. Safety

As noted earlier, balustrade systems were initially used for safety. Therefore, even when using them for a decorative purpose, you also need to consider this critical aspect. This is especially vital if;

There's a significant height between your patio and the ground.
The area around your patio is uneven or sloped

Also, keep in mind that there are specific height requirements that you're expected to meet if your patio is slightly raised. So considering the safety factor is not only good for you but will also help keep you out of trouble.


A patio is a versatile outdoor space that you can use to make your home more livable. By creatively using balustrade systems and later incorporating other décor elements, you can transform a dull, tired-looking patio to a terrific hangout for you and your buddies. Browse our page to discover more indoor and outdoor design tips and while at it, feel free to check out our diverse selection of American made balustrade systems and architectural products.