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Fiberglass Columns VS. Wood Columns

Our column builder tool has allowed us to monitor which column material is the most popular. To our surprise, wood is chosen quite often. Wood is not always the best solution for most projects however. Fiberglass columns have become the most widely used column material in todays building industry and here is why.


Fiberglass: Limited lifetime warranty

Wood: 1 year warranty
Cost Difference
Fiberglass: Due to the popularity of the fiberglass column material, the cost has decreased significantly since the 90's compared to wood. Fiberglass has become much cheaper since it is more widely produced.
Wood: Wood columns cost more to purchase and also maintain over time.
Weight & Load Bearing Capacity
Fiberglass: A 12"x8' fiberglass column holds 18,000 pounds and weights 114 pounds.
Wood: A 12"8' wood column holds 10,000 pounds and weighs 55 pounds.

Once painted, the fiberglass and wood columns look very similar. Upon closer inspection you will notice some slight differences; the neck mold, the base, and the texture.

Fiberglass: Rot proof, insect proof and water proof.
Wood: Great for interior but will not last long on the exterior of your home.