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Fiberglass Columns: Ignoring The Myths And Misconceptions

When it comes to fiberglass columns, there are many myths and misconceptions floating around. These fallacies have caused many people to hesitate about using this product. As a result, a variety of issues can arise if one does not fully understand fiberglass columns and how they are supposed to work. Let’s clear up some of those myths and misconceptions for you today.

Myth 1: Fiberglass Columns Are Not Thick Enough

Fiberglass columns consist of various multiples, including fiberglass and dust. All of these materials give fiberglass columns the durability, the stiffness, and the strength they need. With all of these materials combined, it will ensure the wall's thickness will be strong and sturdy when you tap or knock on the fiberglass column.

Myth 2: You Can Only Use Fiberglass Columns On The Outside Of Your Home

Fiberglass columns are not just limited to the outside of your home. You can use these columns on the outside and inside of your home. When you install fiberglass columns on both the interior and exterior of your beautiful home, you will not have any differences in your home's architectural structure. Fiberglass columns are also much more affordable than architectural wood columns.

Myth 3: Adjustments can not be Made To The Flutes On Fiberglass Columns

There can be adjustments made to the fiberglass column flutes. It is important that you find a fiberglass column manufacturer that will give you the ability to make adjustments to the fiberglass flutes. Flute adjustments are generally made to avoid having the flute hit the base. If you have been worried about adjusting the flutes and stopping the flutes at a certain length, you do not have to worry any longer. Once you provide the manufacturer with the lengths, the manufacturer should be able to stop the flutes at those lengths.

Myth 4: Fiberglass Columns Feel Empty And Sound Hollow

Fiberglass columns are not the dull and cheap composites you may have heard they are. As mentioned above, fiberglass columns are indeed thick. When you touch the walls of fiberglass column, you will discover that the walls will feel more solid than a piece of wood columns. Fiberglass columns are also less expensive than many wood column options.

Fiberglass columns offer a variety of advantages and benefits over the wood columns you may have been using for years. Fiberglass columns have become extremely popular for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • The quality continues to remain consistent
  • Fiberglass columns can be painted
  • Fiberglass columns will not easily chip or peel, unlike wood
  • Fiberglass columns will be resistant to insects
  • Fiberglass columns are easy to install with the proper carpentry tools

Fiberglass columns will also require less maintenance than wood. This means you will be able to experience more years of structural integrity. Fiberglass columns are not susceptible to the same problems that wood columns are susceptible to.

Fiberglass columns are available in a variety of styles and sizes. The fiberglass columns at Worthington Millwork will not only meet your expectations but exceed those expectations. Our fiberglass columns also exceed the standards that have been set by the industry. Fiberglass columns will define each space with the right amount of beauty and elegance.