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Fiberglass Columns for Sale; But How Much do They Cost?

There are many styles available for fiberglass columns on the market today.  In fact there are almost 60 different scenarios when you look at just the round tapered architecturally correct column alone! Typically what column type is used on a project is a round tapered fiberglass column with a Tuscan style capital and base.  This style can be seen on houses ranging from Mediterranean to Colonial to Plantation style homes. However there are many other styles of columns available on the market other than just the Plain Round Tuscan Style. There are also square columns, non-tapered columns, fluted or plain columns, raised panel or recessed panel columns and columns that have decorative capitals. By adding these, you can get into hundreds of different scenarios for fiberglass columns!  


As a start the most economical fiberglass column is the plain round tapered with the Tuscan capital and base. This typically starts at around $130 in cost for a plain round 6” x 8’ with a Tuscan capital and base. From there you can add flutes to the column which increase the cost from 40% - 60% depending on the customization need for the project.  Also, you can add a decorative capital such as a Roman Corinthian or Scamozzi capital to the top of the columns. This will typically add up to an additional 50% - 80% to the cost of the column. When choosing a square or round non-tapered column; you will add approximately 20% - 30% to a comparable size in the tapered round. There are also options to split the columns in half to surround a structural support or go against the wall as a pilaster application. This is typically done a on a flat fee per column depending on the height of the column. This typically starts at around $25/column plus and additional fee to split the capital and base. 


After reading and learning about just a few of the different scenarios, upcharges, fees, etc. associated with purchasing fiberglass columns it is always a good idea to speak with a professional that specializes in quoting fiberglass columns. After a discussion with the specialist they should be able to e-mail or fax you with an accurate estimate based on the needs of your project. There could also be ways to save on these fees and that can be determined by a column expert.