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DIY Tool Free Shutter Corner Shelf – With Instructions

Making a corner shelf is much easier than you probably ever thought! You only need a few supplies and it can be completed in 4 simple steps!

Supply List:

2 Shutters  
3 Brackets (or as many shelves as you would like)
PL Premium polyurethane construction adhesive

The PL premium polyurethane adhesive can be purchased from Worthington Millwork but can also be purchased at your local hardware store.

Step one: Get all of your supplies together

Step two: Place glue along one side of shutter, carefully place your second shutter on top and allow 24 hours to dry.

Step three: Gather your brackets and place glue onto the shutters. (it doesn’t have to be pretty)

Step four: Allow to dry overnight, Paint if you would like. Polyurethane allows this shelf to be VERY lightweight! ENJOY!