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DIY Bracket Uses

Decorative brackets are very useful, handy and inexpensive little gems for any home owner to add a touch of detail! It seems like DIY projects are growing to be more and more popular these days. More people are becoming very creative. See the images below on the many useful things you can do with brackets.

Using brackets for shelves.

Use brackets to decorate shelving! The neatest thing about brackets is not only their versatility but the fact that there are so many different design options to chose from!

Nail brackets together side by side to make a great magazine rack!

Use brackets to make a magazine rack or for bookends!

Of course you can always use them in the traditional ways if you would like.

Using these in the corners of open door jams, or entry ways within your home adds a really great look.

Using brackets for window coverings is something nobody would expect!

There are so many uses for brackets and truthfully its all about how creative you can be! Hopefully this has been able to steer you in a direction that will enable you to explore. Worthington Millwork offers extremely high quality architectural and decorative brackets for your next DIY project.