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Different Types of Capital Styles

If you want to add some class and style to your property, installing a capital and column is the best way to go. They add a sense of grandeur and old-world elegance to any space, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. At Worthington, we encourage clients to consider the different options carefully to determine which option works well for them. There are several unique column capital styles available in the market today so it is easy to find something that fits your taste perfectly. Here’s a look at the different options:

1. Tuscan

The Tuscan design is very popular with people who love the minimalist appeal of simple structures. The capital has a restrained and elegant design that can easily fit modern minimalist homes. This design is also very forgiving, which means you can install it almost anywhere on your property and it will blend in perfectly.

2. Roman Corinthian

The Corinthian column capital has a more intricate design with lives, flowers, berries, and other such details. If you want to add a bit of pizzaz to your property and are looking for an intricate design then the Roman Corinthian option is ideal for you. It is one of the most intricate capital designs available today.

3. Roman Doric

Doric is one of the oldest and simplest capital designs. It doesn't have a leaf or scroll-like embellishments, which makes it suitable for almost every room. Whether you want to install the capital on your porch or your dining hall, the Roman Doric design is the best solution for you. The design also adds a classic and elegant touch to any space.  

4. Roman Ionic

Roman Ionic lands between the Doric and Corinthian orders. It isn’t as plain as the Doric order or as elaborate as the Corinthian column capital. If you want something pretty but not over-the-top, the Ionic capitals are a great choice. It has a few restrained scroll-like patterns with simple embellishments, which means it can fit almost every room easily.

5. Empire

Empire capitals are similar to Iconic capitals but they have a few more intricate details in their design. If you like the Ionic order capitals but need something a little more elaborate, Empire capitals are the right choice. You can also get Empire with necking capitals, which has a few more details around the neck of the column and capital.

6. Scamozzi

Scamozzi is a very popular capital style. It is a capital based on the Ionic order design and was developed by Vincenzo Scamozzi back in the 16th century. It experienced a resurgence during the 19th century and remains popular to date, showing up in government buildings and other such large-scale structures. That's one of the reasons why Scamozzi remains popular.

Other style options include Modern Composite, Greek Angular Ionic, Greek Erectheum, and Temple of Winds.

At Worthington, we have a wide range of column capital styles available to our clients. You can consult with our experts if you want to know more about them. We offer high-quality capitals made using the best manufacturing techniques.