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Designing your own home? Consider Architectural Millwork For Ultimate Functionality

Designing your home can be a very exciting experience. One of the best ways to take advantage of this unique opportunity is to customize certain spaces to cater to the room's purpose and your personal design aesthetic. By integrating millwork into your design choices you can add elegant details and emphasize the positive features of the room. Here is a look at how architectural millwork can elevate a space to the next level of style and functionality.

First off, What is Millwork?

Millwork comes in many forms but the commonality is that it is wooden details, accents, and features that add character, purpose, and personality to a room. Whether it is the door's wooden frame, an ornate fireplace mantel, interesting modern wooden beams stretched across a ceiling or the shelves and cabinetry built into your dining room, that is millwork.

Why use Millwork?

Every house has millwork in one form or another. Millwork can be simple framing or paneling and yet there are limitless possibilities. It is the wooden details and features of a room that add emphasis, character, and charm. Often the millwork becomes the focal point of the space. If you have tall windows, for example, you can emphasize this by having thick molding around the windows. The bold, thick lines draw the eye and provide a nice contrast to the room's wall color or flooring. Also, you can use millwork to create unique spaces for your favorite belongings in the form of shelves, cabinets and other built-in places. In short, millwork highlights and creates the architecture and personality of the space.

Ideas Room by Room

Now that you are inspired and see the glory that is millwork, here are some ideas that can help you transform a simple "room" into a space that is full of character and completely unique to your home.

Living Room- You can start by highlighting the walls, doors, windows with molding and framework. Divide rooms with an elegant archway to make a statement. Make your fireplace a focal point. You can add shelves or cabinetry for books or collectibles.                                                                            

Bedroom- Crown molding, wall paneling or ceiling details can add architecture to the space. You can go for a custom built-in bed frame, nightstands or dressers for furniture that is as functional as they are full of character. A window seat can be a favored place for looking at a view or reading. Do not forget your dream closet. Millwork can make custom shelving and spaces for all your purses, hats, shoes, clothes, etc. 
Kitchen- Custom cabinetry will cater to your cooking style and what you want to contain within your kitchen. You like a lot of spices, have a teacup collection or have a different style of plate depending on the presentation you're going for? Custom cabinetry is the solution. Also, highlight the space with architectural details. Framework, shelving, ceiling paneling, even creating a specializing breakfast nook space are all possibilities.                                                                                                                                  

Dining Room- Wall paneling can create texture while providing a perfect backdrop for your favorite artwork or a large mirror. Chair railing and built-ins are also popular millwork applications within dining spaces.     
Utility Room- Use cabinets or shelving to store cleaning and laundry products. Use millwork to create a space for folding laundry or creating a drop-off spot for coats, backpacks, boots and "mudroom" related items. 
Office- Use millwork to transform your office into a library, a study room or the ideal working environment with shelving, cabinetry or a built-in desk.                                                                    

Bathroom- Millwork can enhance the "bathroom" into your personal spa oasis. If you have an elaborate shower or want to highlight your large bathtub, framing or applying molding will turn this into a statement feature. And of course, custom cabinetry and shelving can create the vanity of your dreams. Beaded board adds a cottage feel.

There you have it, no matter the room, millwork has the potential to customize the space's architectural features as well as functionality. For more information about millwork please contact us at Worthington Millwork, "The Best American Made Architectural Products".