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Deck Improvement Projects to Get Ready for Summer BBQ Season

When you love to host, getting ready for your favorite season starts months ahead of time. Love the summer BBQ season? You're already thinking about optimizing your deck, grill, and menu by spring-time. We know exactly what you're thinking. If your deck is going to become the hot neighborhood place for:

Grilled meats
Birthday parties
Family reunions
Sports nights

... then it's time to start planning improvements now. What can be done to make your deck sturdier, more welcoming, and a generally better place to barbecue this year? We're more than happy to offer a few helpful suggestions and the resources you need to make it happen.

Refinish the Deck or Repave the Patio

Whether you have a deck, patio, or both, the quality of the surface determines the experience of your guests. Of course you want your deck boards to be sturdy, springy, and with a smooth finish that feels nice on bare feet. Your patio paving stones should also be even and smooth, neither too hot in the sun or too cold at night. If your deck or patio are looking shabby, consider refinishing them for a more enjoyable total summer experience.

Cover Your Deck and Patio

Awnings, shaded pergolas, and extended roof elements can provide a rooftop for your outdoor guests. Whether you are shading your guests from the sun or having warm summer BBQs in spite of the rain, covering some portion of your deck and patio can really improve your summer events.

Both family and guests will appreciate that they can chill on the back deck all summer long, no matter what the weather is doing. There are many types of covering you can build for your deck, depending on the styles you prefer. The options range from rustic pergolas with waterproof drapings to roofs supported by elegant pillars. You can have clear vinyl that allows in the sun and view of the stars or you can build a sturdy roof over your deck.

No matter what the choice, neither sun nor rain could stop your summer fun.

Build New Deck Railings

The railings of your deck are a serious concern, especially for hosts planning backyard events. You can be sure that guests will lean against railings, rest their drinks on the balustrade rail, and fall against the railing during the inevitable summer horseplay. Children may climb around the railings, teens may try to sit on your railings.

Needless to say, those deck rails need to be secure. You want strong balusters spaced to keep children and pets from falling through and holding up the weight of full-grown adult guests. You want a wide baluster top rail to hold drinks and support casual leaning. Consider an additional secure handrail for better grip and balance, especially near the deck stairs.

Extend the Patio

If you have a raised deck, consider paving some of the yard extending from the deck stairs. This extends the flat, dry space where guests can comfortably mingle during events, and opens up the rest of your yard for exploration. If you don't have a deck, extend your existing patio for greater social space.

Outdoor Living Space Upgrades

There is a current trend in outdoor design called Outdoor Living Spaces. In other words, bringing living rooms and kitchens into the backyard social space. You can absolutely build yourself an outdoor kitchen, either with protected modern appliances or even with a brick fireplace and wood-burning stove. Reconsider your deck and patio space as an extension of your home interior and a blending of the backyard nature with the comforts of modern life.

Passthrough Apertures

The final home improvement that could really make your deck pop is passthroughs between the home and your backyard social space. A passthrough from the kitchen to the grill, for example, could be the perfect addition to your legendary BBQ process. A new glass door between the deck and living room could allow for free flow with the AC off during summer outdoor events. Some homes built to always host children even build smaller doors just for the kids and pets to run through, if that's your summer style.

Here at Worthington Millwork, we are proud to help renovation teams everywhere bring perfection to the final design of any home or project. Let us help you find the perfect architectural elements and finishes to make this summer's BBQs completely unforgettable.