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Consider Choosing Functional and Beautiful Fiberglass Columns for Your Home

Whether you are considering replacing your porch columns or adding columns to your home for the first time, installing new columns on your home can be a great way to transform its look and increase its curb appeal. While columns have been used for many years in residential architecture as a way to give a home a unique decorative flair as well as to make it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, columns have traditionally been made out of wood, stone, and other materials. However, porch columns are now also increasingly being made out of fiberglass, as fiberglass columns bring the perfect blend of function and beauty to any home. If you are considering adding columns to your home, here are just a few of the reasons you should consider choosing fiberglass.

They Come in a Variety of Styles

Considering that your design preferences and personality are unique, you will want to be able to choose columns for you home that are equally unique and will help your home to stand out. This is where fiberglass columns shine, as they come in a wider range of designs and styles than other column materials. Whether you want a traditional rounded column, or you want something more unconventional and unique, you will be able to find a fiberglass column to meet your needs. There are also a variety of capital and base options available, allowing you to design a truly unique look that will enhance your home.  

They Are Functional and Stylish

While fiberglass columns are stylish and can help to transform the exterior of your home, they are also functional, as they are built to handle load-bearing installations if needed. Whether you are building a new home, or you went to remove your current columns only to realize that they are load-bearing, fiberglass columns can help to support your house as well as enhance its exterior. In fact, if you currently have wooden load-bearing columns supporting your home, you can replace them with updated and long-lasting fiberglass columns. However, it is important to remember when choosing columns that most split columns cannot be load-bearing. 


One of the primary reasons that fiberglass columns have grown so popular is due to their extreme durability, particularly compared to wooden columns. While interior wooden columns are likely to stand the test of time, they do not fare as well on the outside of a home due to a variety of environmental factors such as the potential for moisture and insect damage. Alternatively, fiberglass is a sturdy material that will not rot, warp, or damage in the same way that wood will, and fiberglass columns will likely be able to enhance and support your home for the duration that you live there. In fact, fiberglass columns are so durable and long-lasting that many even come with a limited lifetime warranty. Due to their durability, fiberglass columns will also require very little maintenance to keep them looking new aside from the occasional cleaning.  Most manufacturer's provide a Lifetime Limited Warranty for fiberglass columns.  

The Option To Customize

Another benefit of choosing fiberglass is that fiberglass columns are customizable in ways that are not available in other types of columns. For instance, fiberglass columns can easily be painted over using acrylic or oil-based paint, allowing you to create the exact look that you want for your home. You may even be able to design and order custom capitals for your columns that will help to give your columns a truly unique look.

When choosing new columns for your home, consider the benefits that beautiful, functional, durable fiberglass columns can provide. Feel free to contact us to learn more about fiberglass columns as well as to learn about our unique column designs.