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Building Permits: 10 Critical Code Requirements for Every Project

If only the three little pigs had gotten a permit. How different their story would be. If each piggy’s home had been constructed to code, it could have withstood the onslaught of an earthquake, a blizzard, a fire or a wolf’s mighty wind.


Today we’ll examine 10 critical code requirements that often come into play in typical U.S. remodel projects. Whether you’re tackling a project yourself or working with a professional, you’ll want make sure these codes are met. Especially if there’s a huffing and puffing wolf in your neighborhood.

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Yes, there are rules, and rules regulating the rules, but they exist for good reasons. If you proceed without a permit, the requirements listed above are the kinds of details that might be ignored, but I hope the possibly severe consequences of ignoring them is clear.

The code, and the inspection process designed to ensure its compliance, exists for our safety and the betterment of our communities. They are a guideline for the first two little pigs, and to be clear, I’m not even sure the third pig really constructed his home to code standards either.

Homes built to code today are meant to withstand the big, bad wolf and every other force that nature might have in store.


Matt Clawson
Houzz contributor. Home builder, project consultant, and writer. Loves sensible style.