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Building a Deck? Here's Why You Want an Aluminum Railing

If you are looking to add a deck to your home, you certainly have multiple options available when it comes to material type. While wood or vinyl might be the clear choice for the deck itself, you might want to consider other possibilities for your railing system. There's a reason why more and more homeowners today are choosing to include an aluminum railing when it's time to finish off the project. Here are some reasons why aluminum might be the right material for you when building a deck.

More Durable Than Wood

Do you have children at home or intend to entertain a lot of family and friends outside on your deck? If so, you might want to consider a railing material that is especially sturdy. Wood is clearly the favorite choice for many deck builders today and it's a fine choice for the deck itself. But when it comes to the railing, you might want something that is a bit stronger, especially if you think your kids or friends are going to end up leaning against it on a regular basis. An aluminum railing will ensure the area is safe and secure for years to come.

Less Maintenance

If you use wood for your entire deck, you will likely have to perform a lot of maintenance each year to keep it looking great. Wood needs re-staining on a regular basis to maintain its look. Aluminum on the other hand doesn't have this problem. Aluminum won't leave you to deal with wood rot and it's also corrosion-resistant. Aluminum can handle Mother Nature with ease.

Removing the railing from your annual maintenance routine will give you one less thing to worry about. You'll be able to finish up and head back inside a bit more quickly if you have aluminum in play, and that means more time with family and friends.

More Versatile in Appearance Than You Might Think

When you think of aluminum, you probably think of a metal with a silver hue, but your aluminum railing can be crafted to look almost any way you desire. Today's aluminum railing systems are offered in a variety of different colors that will not fade over time. You can easily find a color that will match up well with the wood, vinyl or any other material you are using for the deck itself. It's even possible to create an aluminum railing that features a wood-like appearance.

Great Affordability

If you are building a deck on a specific budget, going with an aluminum railing system can ensure you come in underneath your target. While exact prices will vary based on your supplier or contractor, it's generally accepted that aluminum is a less expensive material than some other choices. Aluminum is the clear winner when compared with wrought iron or steel. While it's possible for a wood railing to be less expensive than aluminum, you should again reconsider the lower ongoing maintenance costs. With no re-staining or wood rot to worry about, there won't be additional expenses year after year. Aluminum is a prudent fiscal choice for both now and in the future.

American Quality

When it's time to source your aluminum, you will again have multiple options available to you. At Worthington Millwork, we pride ourselves on providing American-made architectural products of the highest quality. Sure, a low cost import might save you a few extra dollars, but the difference in build quality will be clear. Worthington Millwork offers top-notch railings at a competitive market rate. Contact us today or tell your contractor about us to get started.