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Benefits Of Using Fiberglass Porch Columns

Fiberglass porch columns, WorthingtonCast columns, are one of the most popular kind of architectural columns out there. Because so many different options are available, they offer a decorative flair that is unique and sophisticated. A quick look at Worthington's custom column builder should give you a good idea of how versatile they really are. While in the past wood porch columns were more popular than fiberglass porch columns, but fiberglass columns really are the preferable alternative, considering they're much sturdier, easier to paint, and extremely affordable.

But the benefits of using fiberglass porch columns go beyond simple utility. Of course porch columns are necessary in order to keep your porch stable and strong, but they also are part of the larger decor of your home. Too many new homes these days don't have the classic build that could be achieved by simply adding some porch columns. The space that is created by an open porch is inviting, making guests want to come into your home.

Depending on the style of porch columns used, a home can look dramatic and striking or classic and sophisticated, while still maintaining its comfortable and cozy atmosphere. And by choosing fiberglass porch columns rather than wood ones, there's much less maintenance. Fiberglass porch columns don't decay, they're insect resistant, and survive even the harshest of storms.


So how do you choose the right fiberglass porch columns for your home? As soon as the project's budget is clear, take a look at the different kinds of fiberglass columns available. One of the biggest benefits to choosing fiberglass porch columns is easily being able to hide structural supports. A beautiful porch column is far preferable to exposed supports, and a fiberglass column means that there's less worry about the support getting damaged in the long run.

Both fiberglass and wood porch columns are designed for both decoration and load bearing installations, but there's a much higher chance that a wood column will get damaged and need to be replaced than a fiberglass column. There really is no reason to choose wood over fiberglass, considering fiberglass porch columns have all of the benefits of wood columns while increasing durability.

Interior Columns

Fiberglass columns can also be used inside, although they are mainly used as porch columns. Usually indoor columns are hiding structural support, rather than being decorative, but that doesn't mean that a savvy architect won't do their best to make sure that the design is aesthetic as well as functional. Some fiberglass columns are more suited to indoor use than others, as they're built more to handle load and complement interior decorating.


Fiberglass porch columns don't have to be used only for new structures, though! That intangible benefit of porch columns, adding an air of sophistication and decoration to your home, can be achieved whether or not you are building a new house, a new porch, or remodeling your old one. Fiberglass porch columns can be split depending on how they're meant to be used, whether it's up against a wall, inside a corner, or wrapping around a corner. In fact, columns can even be split to go around existing structural supports or be used as pilasters!

It's also possible to replace your current dilapidated wood columns with new fiberglass porch columns so that you can reap the benefits before your current columns start showing wear. This not only increases the value of your home, but makes sure that there's no lasting structural damage from a worn out column.

In the end, fiberglass columns have all of the benefits of wood columns while having increased durability and less maintenance. They can add the perfect touch to your decor, especially considering how easy they are to paint. There are no real drawbacks to fiberglass columns -- they're basically indistinguishable from their wood alternatives. In fact, you might be shocked to find out how many buildings you've seen have opted to use fiberglass porch columns rather than wood or stone.