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Are Fiberglass Columns a Smart Addition to Your Bedroom Renovation?

Fiberglass columns are creative resource for any savvy home renovator. If you enjoy the classical style of decor, columns can make a beautiful and interesting addition to a renovation in any part of the home, including the master bedroom. Columns at the head of the bed can form a majestic headboard design that your neighbors will never rival, or you could build a fixed four-poster design that enhances the beauty of the entire room. 

Of course, any time you are adding a permanent decorative fixture to your home, it's important to consider all the factors before jumping into the project. Will you like it in five years, will your buyers like it in twenty? Just how creative can you get when adding columns to your master bedroom? We're here to help you answer these questions and plan your renovations with a few simple considerations.

Available Floor Space

First, take into account the amount of floor space in your bedroom and the amount of space the columns will potentially occupy. Many people when they first imagine columns don't realize the floorplan footprint of a column. Columns are best in spacious rooms and homes where the amount of space occupied by the column is a negligible fraction of room. You don't want to cut off important space you use to navigate the room, for example.

That said, if you have a very spacious master bedroom or are renovating to add more space, then columns are an attractive and viable addition to your design plans. You may also consider placing your columns closer to the wall. For an artistic option without taking up floor space, you can also work with split-columns setting vertical halves of your column against the wall which will look like your columns are embedded instead of free-standing.

Room Versatility

Your next consideration is the versatility of the room. where you put a column in your bedroom suite will determine what else can be done by the room. Both by you and any potential future residents. This is one of the reasons why columns are often placed close to walls, doorways, and other fixtures like bars and half-walls. 

By placing your bedroom columns near other fixtures, you minimize how much they may limit the versatility of the room and can, in fact, enhance the room's aesthetics and usefulness by enhancing current fixtures. Bedroom columns are often most attractive either at the head of the bed, near the doors, or around the transition to the bathroom.

Reinventing the En-Suite

One of the most amazing things you can do with columns in the master bedroom is to transform the way yoru bedroom flows into the en-suite bathroom. Just as some people install a two-sided fireplace and half-walls between the bedroom and bathroom, columns can be used as a way to take down the traditional wall barrier and change your en-suite transition. For example, a column can wrap a support strut if you would like the two areas to flow more naturally or to remove the wall entirely. Or you might use columns to frame a half-wall so that a bonded couple can speak and interact freely between the bathtub and the bed.

The Final Elegant Result

Ultimately, with all the factors considered, you can craft a truly beautiful new master bedroom design using columns as decor and as a key transitional tool if you want to take out the separating wall. Columns can accent your bed, bring a traditional Roman flair to your bathroom, or create a uniquely elegant transition between the bedroom and bathroom. If you'd like a professional's consultation on how to put columns to use in your master bedroom renovation, contact us today!