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An Aluminum Railing Saves You Money on Your Deck Now and Into the Future

Adding a deck to your backyard or pool area is a great way to create a gathering spot for family and friends that will surely lead to cherished memories in the years to come. But any new home addition will obviously cost money, first with the initial installation and then through ongoing maintenance costs. If you are looking for a way to add a great deck to your home, but in a way that will not break the bank, an aluminum railing can help you accomplish these goals. Here's how an aluminum railing can help keep your project costs down during the initial installation and into the future.

Easy Installation

Certain types of railings like wood or metal may require extensive installation time, especially if the railing offers a more intricate design. But aluminum railings are generally much easier to install. Many manufacturers will ship an aluminum railing to you already partially put together in a kit that allows for easy assembly and provides all needed parts such as the various screws. Get yourself a basic toolbox with typical home improvement items like a level, tape measure and perhaps a hammer or mallet and you'll have everything you need to put the railing up yourself. This will save you money on labor costs and help you stay under budget.

Aluminum Is Less Expensive Than Other Choices

While the easy installation is a key reason to consider an aluminum railing, you will also likely save money when comparing the cost of the aluminum to other materials like steel or wrought iron. The exact prices will of course vary depending on your supplier and the specific design you choose, but in general, aluminum is one of the most cost effective railing materials available. Certain types of wood might be a bit cheaper, but you will likely end up sacrificing durability if you go this route.

Aluminum Offers Outstanding Long-Term Durability

Speaking of durability, aluminum is generally better at holding up over time when compared with almost all other material types. Aluminum will not rust like wrought iron and won't splinter like wood. If your railing is going to be located outside your home (as it obviously would be when talking about a deck), you should know that aluminum is quite good at standing up to Mother Nature. You won't have to put a protective coating on it like you might with wrought iron or wood in order to make it through the winter.

Aluminum is Strong

We've just mentioned that aluminum is quite durable but it's also strong in another important way. There's a reason that other railing types like vinyl often include an aluminum skeleton underneath. Aluminum is simply a solid and sound choice when you need a material that can withstand an impact or two. If your deck will frequently have children or pets playing or running around in the area, you will need a railing that is quite sturdy in case someone runs into it or leans onto it with all of their body weight.

Strong and Sturdy Does Not Mean Ugly

Finally, you should know that just because aluminum railings are known for their long-term durability, strong overall structure and low maintenance does not mean the railing itself has to be boring. It's possible today to get an aluminum railing that is stained a specific color in order to ensure it will fit in with the rest of your deck or the surrounding area. You can get an aluminum railing that looks just as fancy as wrought iron or steel but without the maintenance headaches that can come with those other materials types.