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Amazingly Lite Columns You Probably Never Knew About

The WorthingtonLite™ square fiberglass column is made of extruded lightweight fiberglass and is one of the most durable square fiberglass columns with the capability of holding up to 7,500 pounds!

It is available in plain, fluted or recessed panel. What is unique about this square column is that it is the only adjustable fluted or recessed panel square fiberglass column on the market today. This customization gives builders and homeowners on-the-spot customization without having to pay for a custom fiberglass column.

These columns are structural and are still backed with a limited lifetime warranty. The only maintenance is to paint them with a high quality exterior oil or alkyd base paint. They are impervious to insects and will not ever rot or deteriorate over time.

These columns can surround a post or lally column that is up to 10-3/4" in diameter! you can get a few different sizes including 6". 8", 10" & 12" columns.

Worthington Millwork has an amazing selection of columns all together! They focus heavily on not only customer service but listening to the customers wants and needs in a product!

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