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Affordable Columns and Railings to Transform Your Porch

Adding a railing around a porch not only adds a level of safety, but makes a porch feel more like an outdoor room. There are so many options of style and material for columns and railings, one is really only limited by their imagination.

For our purposes here, when we say "railings" we are discussing the top and bottom materials used to hold the banister material between the two. The "banisters" make up the decorative material used to enclose your porch. Together with "columns" for roof support and posts for railings to attach to, you can create any style you choose to compliment your home's porch.

A variety of materials have been used for creating balustrades, railings, and columns. Everything from grapevines and limbs to stainless steel and glass. Truly, your imagination is your only limit. Sourcing the material you choose may be a bit more difficult if you step too far outside the box. However, if you can imagine it, you can probably make it happen.

Railing Materials

Wrought iron porch railings are probably the most expensive, but stand the test of time. They are always elegant and add character. However, they also require periodic maintenance to prevent rust over time.

At Worthington Millwork, we manufacture PVC and aluminum railings. With our railings, you'll have very little ongoing maintenance. In fact, with the aluminum railings, you also get a 15 year warranty. PVC railings come with a 10 year limited warranty. Both are excellent choices if low-maintenance is high on your list of priorities when choosing the material you want to use.

PVC banisters and railings use aluminum inserts for strength. When choosing PVC, you are getting the look of traditional wood without the problems of splinters, splits, rot, or insect damage over time. The weatherability of PVC is unmatched and it is impervious to insects.

Not only do we have PVC stock products of both turned or square spindle styles, we can customize this product to your specific project requirements. Stock products come in pre-assembled 4′ 6′, 8′, 10′, and 12′ lengths. Stair railing sections are also available.

The biggest advantage of choosing aluminum railings is durability. You also have the option of powder-coat painting, providing you with a variety of colors and textures. Stock products come in pre-assembled sections for 4', 6', 8', and 10' and easy installation instructions. Stair railing sections can be ordered in aluminum, too.

Column Materials

If your porch is covered, you're going to need support columns. Columns are composed of a capital (top finish piece), shaft (main column), and base (bottom finish piece). Worthington Millwork uses five different materials for our architectural columns.

Cast Fiberglass- also known as cast columns, are the most popular

FRP Fiberglass- typically used for columns that are 16" diameter or higher

Polymer Stone- made with highly durable polyester resins to look like stone; made in a rotary cast mold, they have a hollow core giving them half the weight of stone

PVC- made of cellular PVC with options of tapered or non-tapered square columns

Aluminum- 7 colors and 6 styles make this the most versatile material option, available as covers or wraps

Wood- normally used for interior applications

Whatever your project needs, Worthington Millwork can help you make it happen. High-end architectural products made in America, always, is our promise to you. Order from our stock products or contact us for custom pieces made just for you. We are here to help you make your home exactly what you want it to be. Contact us today to get started.