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Add Class And Elegance With Greek Columns And Capitals

Balustrade Systems

Homeowners love to add some personality and charm to their properties with interesting decorative elements. Some prefer a more understated appearance while others like to surround themselves with grandeur. At Worthington, we encourage customers to consider architectural column capitals if they want to add a touch of old-school elegance to their property. These installations can immediately help a property look luxurious and classy.

What are Greek Columns?

When you look at Ancient Greek buildings, you’ll notice several beautiful columns. These installations are placed throughout the building to support the rf but also to enhance the beauty of the property. These columns look tall, graceful, and refined, immediately giving a building a sophisticated feel. Today, Greek columns are found in government buildings, universities, libraries, museums, and artistic establishments. They are often associated with an enlightened culture, which is why these columns are popular with people that like to include some intellectualism and sophistication in their environment

Greek columns are also less ostentatious compared to other decorative installations. It won’t feel like you went overboard if you install one or two in your home.

What are Greek Capitals?

Capitals are column tops that are installed to support the ceiling and add some dynamism to the column. They are available in a wide range of designs and sizes so you can choose what works for your property. For example, some people like understated décor and will prefer plain or simple column tops. Capitals based on the Doric order of Classical Architecture are best suited for such a purpose. They are often simple circular disks placed on top of the column. The simple design will still look beautiful and add a distinct charm to your home

However, if you’re looking for something with a little more oomph and pizzaz, capitals inspired by the Corinthian Order of Classical Architecture would be suitable. The Corinthian is the last of the three orders and is considered the most elaborate. The capitals are best suited for slender and elegant fluted columns, ensuring there's a proper flow of the design.

About Scamozzi Ionic Capital

The Scamozzi Ionic Capital is very popular in modern buildings. It was first developed by an Italian Renaissance architect Vincenzo Scamozzi in the 15th Century. The style experienced a massive resurgence in the 19th Century, which is why you can find the Ionic Order capitals in many modern buildings. Scamozzi was inspired by the Ionic Order of Classical Architecture, which isn’t as elaborate as Corinthian or as plain as Doric. These column tops are a perfect solution for modern homes and commercial spaces.

They have subtle but visible embellishments that add a certain charm to the room. You can choose different designs based on your preference. Some people like flowers and leaves while others prefer scroll designs. Our experts can help you choose the best option for your property and will offer straightforward advice.