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About Worthington Millwork

Worthington was created in 1985 by a businessman that had ties to the architectural products industry.  The intent of the creation of Worthington was to sell architectural products and use the profits to put his two children through college.  After graduation, one of the two children was brought into Worthington to manage and operate it as a career. Through the 1990’s Worthington (known as “Worthington Group, LTD) had great success in delivering high quality products to custom home builders and homeowners through catalog sales.  Around the year 2000, and for whatever reason, the owners at Worthington decided that this wasn’t the career path that they wanted to follow and Worthington closed its doors to the sale of its products.

One year later in 2001 a different group of individuals wanted to operate Worthington and asked the old owners if they would entertain the idea of opening the doors with the agreement that they would become 50% owner in the business.  At that point Kyle Boatwright was hired on at Worthington as a sales associate to sell for the company.  During Kyle’s early employment he was attending Troy University while working on a Master’s in Business administration and had just completed his business degree in Marketing from Troy.  After being at Worthington for over a year, Kyle approached the current managing partners of Worthington, with a financial partner,  and asked for an opportunity of ownership.  At the time Worthington was not in great shape and the owners agreed to “hand over” the keys in exchange for assuming the debts that were accumulated by the company over the previous management.  An agreement was reached and in 2003 Worthington was assigned over to Kyle and the financial partner and Worthington was re-incorporated into a new corporation – Worthington Millwork, LLC.

In 2005 Kyle purchased the 50% interest of the financial partner and is now 100% shareholder of the business.  Since then Kyle has built the company from essentially a rundown business, that was in debt, into a multi-million dollar business that has had great success over the past 10 years to the great business that it is today.  The previous owners and partners no longer have any influence in Worthington and the company continues to have great success in delivering high end, American made, architectural products across the United States and Abroad.

Company Information

It has been nearly 30 years since Worthington Millwork began serving builders nationwide. Worthington has built its success on providing superior customer service, outstanding lead times, and a wide range of products to accommodate almost any need.

Our staff is enjoyable to work with and dedicated to fulfilling our customers millwork needs. We understand that even the smallest details are important to our customers. That is why everyone on our staff strives to provide an atmosphere which is designed to help customers make educated purchasing decisions.

To help ensure that you can select just the right items for your building project, Worthington Millwork provides an incomparable selections of columns, balusters, molding, ceiling medallions, niches, window heads, pediments pilasters, louvers and many other architectural details. With our vast selection, we know that you will be able to find the ideal items to complement many traditional design styles at Worthington Millwork.

At Worthington, our goal is to provide the best customer service, the quickest possible lead time, while providing the best possible price.

Worthington Slogan: American Made Architectural Products

Address: 114 S Conner St | Enterprise, AL 36330

Phone: 1-800-872-1608


Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday 8am-5pm (cst) – Friday 8am-4pm (cst)

Our Promise

What we stand for?  We stand for helping America to stay strong and by making sure that all of our products are made here in the U.S. to not only support the American economy but to help create American jobs.  We are committed to this so much that we guarantee a full refund if you receive an imported architectural product from our company.

Why we stand for this?  Every year thousands of contractors and homeowners fall victim to ordering “knock-off” imported architectural products.  These products come from factories that not only follow low quality control and sacrifice quality and detail they can also be harmful to the environment and YOU as well. Worthington is committed to taking a stance against this type of manufacturing and only offering authentic Made in America architectural products.

Owner: Kyle