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A Unique Collection of Polyurethane Architectural Millwork

Introducing the Coral Collection

The Coral Collection from Worthington Millwork is a unique collection of polyurethane products. This collection is inspired by the sea to make coral replications in a millwork application. This collection isn't available everywhere, and you may not be able to do much research online regarding the product. It is rare!

Within the coral collection you will find several products

Fluted Pilasters
Tuscan Capitals
Decorative Capitals
Tuscan Bases
Brackets/ Corbels
Molding/ Cornice
Panel Boards

This polyurethane material is extremely lightweight and has very intense intricate details. Some of the coral collection can actually be purchased online so if you are interested in the pricing you may want to check out

Some pieces can be made custom and lead times are usually around 3-4 weeks. The great benefit about the coral collection is it isn't your ordinary architectural products that you would see on any house.

 Panel Boards

You may be asking yourself what panel boards are. Well these are very handy pieces of millwork that can be placed onto a wall. These can also be used for commercial applications. A few ways you might want to use panel boards could be...

Built in fish tank
Knee walls
Wainscot panels
Façade on a building