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A Brief History of Fiberglass Cornices

Have you ever stared at a historic government building or a private mansion and wondered to yourself, "What is it about this place that makes it look so stately?" Chances are, the architect included some well-placed decorative cornices on the perimeters of the roof.

A History of Impressive Design

This eye-catching style has its roots in Ancient Greece, where structures of the wealthy and powerful were elaborately trimmed with beautiful cornice roof borders. So strikingly attractive was this design, that it commanded its way through the buildings of successive Empires such as Rome, Britain, Russia, and even into Colonial America as well, where it can still be found on the White House, the Capitol, and many other Early-American structures.

What Happened to the Artistry?

During the mid-late 18th century in Europe, building designs took a different turn; anything elaborate and reminiscent of the old aristocratic architecture was rejected in favor of straight lines, no frills, and no excess efforts for beauty.

Many architects in America jumped on board, and the face of our cities began to change from classical elegance to the buzz of modernity. This was called "progressive architecture", and the evidence can be seen in the clean design of most schools, hospitals, post offices, and business buildings built during the 1950s-1990s.

The Reemergence of Classical Beauty

After over half a century of the mass shunning of elaborate architecture, many people are deciding that the world is a less beautiful place because of it. There is now a steady return to the classic styles of the past, even though well-put modern influences remain involved, such as improved materials and updated installation techniques.

Beauty is being revisited, and Worthington Millwork is leading the way with high-quality products to enhance building projects all over the nation; and this includes decorative exterior cornices.

Worthington's FRP Cornice

Our specialists have diligently searched for a durable, crack-resistant, and eye-appealing material to construct our cornice products. FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is one of the most reliable materials on the market, and the ease of installation makes it a favorite among builders/contractors as well.

Worthington's FRP cornice is available in a variety of sizes and patterns, and is designed with a series of horizontal ridges, elegant curves, and more, for styles ranging from Corinthian to Modern Classic.

The versatility of FRP makes customizing a breeze for our clients; the demand for roof corners, angles, and even curves can be met, along with extra decorative options such as corbels (support brackets), dentil blocks, custom leaves, and other shapes for aesthetic appeal.  

Furthermore, FRP can come with an optional gel coating which creates a paintable surface, leaving room for additional customizing.

Highest Standard of Excellence

Worthington Millwork holds a high standard of quality and accountability, holding a certificate with the ACMA (American Composites Manufacturers Association) to guarantee the best products to their clients.

All of the products are made right here in America, and meet (or exceed) all regulatory requirements for stress/fire-resistance, fabrication, and installation; this ensures reliable quality worthy of a lifetime warranty (which is provided with most of our products).

How Can We Help You?

If you're looking around for a trustworthy supplier of architectural products, look no further than Worthington Millwork. Prices are affordable and competitive, and service is fast and efficient!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with a personal sales representative who can provide you with accurate information, give you a quote, and answer all of your questions; you can even receive an architectural drawing of your potential project to help you make informed decisions before purchasing any products.

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