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9 Major Benefits of Using a Polyurethane Balustrade System

Polyurethane Balustrades are a great choice when trying to achieve elegance at an affordable price.  Polyurethane balustrades typically are the most reasonably priced balustrades on the market.  They are very low maintenance and do not ever rot or deteriorate over time.  They are impervious to insects and are made to last a lifetime. This balustrade system is used on both residential and commercial structures and is also the most widely used system because of the benefits that come along with owning this great system. These benefits are extremely important in the longevity of your system, so when choosing a material you want to consider all of them and make sure that they will be as maintenance free as possible. Make a smart decision for your home.

Despite being constructed of a lightweight material, you will not jeopardize meeting the structural requirements of the local and state building codes.  Polyurethane balustrades have a structural PVC pipe in the middle of each top and bottom rail.  There is also a steel pipe in the middle of each baluster making this complete system very strong and durable.

Installation of polyurethane balustrades is also an easy process for a craftsman or carpenter.  Polyurethane looks and feels like wood and therefore is manageable when cutting and installing the system.

Though polyurethane balustrades may be more expensive in price than wood, the long term benefits outweigh the initial costs.  Wood balustrades, over time, will rot and do not have guaranteed resistance against termites or insects.  Wood balustrades need to be initially painted and constantly maintained in order for them to retain their longevity.  Also, wood balustrades, in most cases, do not meet local and state building codes. So, clearly the choice is easy. For very little money, you could avoid the headaches associated with wooden balustrade systems by simply choosing to use polyurethane.