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8 of the Best Architectural Upgrades That Improve Your Stand-Alone Garage

Architectural Upgrades That Improve Your Stand-Alone Garage
 Is a Garage Worth Upgrade Costs?

Stand-alone garages can be a deterrent to the sale of an otherwise beautiful home if not correctly incorporated into the design of the main house and landscape. This can mean thousands of dollars lost in the selling price.

Upgrading a garage doesn't need to cost a small fortune to make a significant impact on the selling value. Here, we will show you how, with some wise investment in Worthington Mills architectural add-ons, you can increase the value of your home without breaking the bank.

Where is the house located?

In the northern states, due to rough winters, garages are highly valued, for many, a necessity. Not having to brave the elements when walking to and from the car or returning home with groceries is a significant consideration.

In the southern regions, if the detached garage is close enough to the main house, you can build a connecting covered open breezeway using many of the materials available from Worthington Mills. This creates the appearance of a larger structure while also creating a walkway or sitting area to enjoy summer nights.

All our products are made in the US and are guaranteed not to rust, rot, or corrode. They are designed to hold up in the most severe weather conditions, hot or cold, and come with extended useful life guarantees to provide you with many years of excellent service.

Simple Upgrades for The Interior

Here are a few simple, yet worthy upgrades for your garage's interior that can help bump up the value of your home.

Insulate Your Garage - if you insulate your garage yourself you can save several hundred to a few thousand dollars
Make Your Garage Floor Slip-Proof – this is a nice added safety feature that may not necessarily have any impact on the value. Add some fine-grit sand to floor paint and roll-on.
Sheetrock and Paint the Walls – if the walls are not finished, insulate, sheetrock, and paint. This "finished" look goes a long way in the resale value of your home
Add lots of lighting to brighten things up. These minor upgrades will give the garage a clean, fresh look.
Making the Exterior of a Detached Garage More Attractive

One of the essential considerations for upgrading a stand-alone garage is curb appeal. Study the main house and analyze its prominent features. Then, consider adding those same features to the garage.

For example:

Can you install smaller versions of windows that match the house?
Does the garage roof need new shingles or a new metal roof to blend with the house?
Does the main house have dormers that can be added to the garage?
Does the garage door need to be replaced to match the style of the house more closely? (According to Investopedia, "a new garage door brings an 88.4% return on investment"). Maybe it just needs a fresh coat of paint.

For added architectural detail, Worthington Millwork has an exceptional array of columns, cornices, balustrades, and other components that can be used in several creative ways to add charm, elegance, and continuity to your stand-alone garage.

Here are some great ideas that go easy on the wallet:
Remember the breezeway mentioned earlier? Our beautiful balustrades are available in Polyurethane, Cast Fiberglass, and Polymer Stone (Worthington's most economical stone balustrade system). Create a custom look from hundreds of different sized columns and capitals. You can use our on-line Column-Tool Builder to calculate your costs!
If your main structure has cornices,  these beautiful cornices add some great detail.
Extend the roof of your garage onto the driveway 4'-5' using these same columns, tying the architectural details to the breezeway. If you prefer a more traditional wood look, our architectural wood columns can provide that look.
Do you have an addition on top of your garage or a high roof? Installing an oversized window at the front of the garage above the door, then adding a faux balcony around the window creates a great look.
The finishing touches

Once again–curb appeal!  Does that great-looking garage need a new driveway?

If your driveway is crumbling and cracked, then it's more-than-likely time to replace or resurface. Although this part can be expensive, the driveway appearance not only contributes to curb appeal, it will have one of the most significant impacts on the value of your home. If you live in a northern climate, you may want to consider installing a radiant snow-melting system.

Once you have your stand-alone garage blending with the main home, it's time to showcase it!

Choose some oversized lights and light the place up! This not only adds security, but it also highlights your architectural prowess and craftsmanship.
Add some tall potted topiaries by each column to give the garage a personal touch.
Driveway gates provide security – if your gateway needs replacement, now would be the time to replace it and bring the entire project together.

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