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6 Tips for Making Your Outdoor Living Space Look Like a Natural Extension of Your Home

One of the best ways to extend the size of your home is by having an outdoor living space. Besides creating a place to relax and enjoy nature, an outdoor living area is an ideal place to entertain guests. When planning your outdoor space, it's important that it goes with your interior living area. Here are six ways to make your outdoor living space look like a natural extension of your home.

1. Make Sure the Style Lines Match the Architectural Style of Your Home

Before settling on the style of your new outdoor living area, determine the architectural style of your interior living quarters to ensure they're the same because you don't want the styles to be disjointed. Thus, if your home has a contemporary style, keep the furniture styles lines for your new outdoor room clean, simple and sleek. On the other hand, if your home has more of a country style, consider using an outdoor coffee table or end tables that are made from logs or another type of rustic material.

2. Choose the Right Color Scheme

When thinking about a color scheme for your patio or outdoor living area, look at the colors used inside your house to be sure they go together. If you want to use several different colors, it can be more difficult to get the look you want. That's why it's best to stick with just a few colors and stay within the different shades of these colors. This way, it's easier to make your outdoor space more attractive.

3. Use Matching Pillows and Rugs

Another way to make your covered or enclosed screened-in porch look like a natural extension of your home is by using furnishings, such as chair pillows, throw blankets and area rugs, that match or go together. If you can't find pillows and/or rugs that go with those inside your house, then why not buy duplicates. This can help in grounding your outdoor furniture so that it flows with the rest of your house. If your outdoor space isn't enclosed, be sure to choose indoor/outdoor rugs.

4. Use Materials That Tie Furniture and Other Furnishing Pieces Together

On the other hand, your furniture pieces do not have to necessarily match the furniture inside your house. However, you should use materials and other things that can help in tying together your inside furnishings with your outdoor furniture. For instance, have the furniture in your outdoor room be about the same height or scale as the furniture pieces inside your home.

5. Install a Flat Screen TV

If your outdoor area is enclosed, if possible, enclose a flat screen TV or telephone. Because of modern technology, it's easier now than ever to include technology in an outdoor room. What's more, having a TV and/or phone in your enclosed porch helps in making your house visibly larger since it looks like it's part of your house.

6. Use Greenery

Using the same potted plants that are inside your house for your outdoor area can help to draw your two living areas together, besides create an earthy feeling. Also, plants, flowers grown in containers, hanging vines and other types of greenery can give your porch or patio a splash of color. You could always rearrange your container plants if you don't get them in the right spots the first time.

Other Considerations and Warnings

Determine how you plan to use your outdoor area.
If you want more than just a simple deck or patio, think about creating an outdoor kitchen or living room. There are a wide range of options from which to choose, such as lighting, flooring, furniture and other choices.
Adding a fountain or a pond in your backyard can make your outdoor area even more impressive.
Consider that an attractive outdoor living area that goes with the rest of your house can increase the value of your property when it comes time to sell your home.
Add a bookcase to your outdoor room, or maybe you could create wall shelves for storing books, family photos or knickknacks. Just be sure to use the same type of materials that are used for your indoor shelves.
Use the same style of lighting fixtures that you have in the rest of your house.
Check the patterns used inside your house, so you can repeat them in your new outdoor living area.

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