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6 Reasons to Line Your Beach Home's Raised Deck with Aluminum Railing

Do you have a beach house with a raised deck? On the hand, maybe you're a real estate investor wanting to renovate and sell beach houses with raised decks. If either of these situations describes you, then you probably know how strong winds, excessive moisture and humidity can affect decks located next to an ocean. Here are six of top benefits of lining your beach home's raised deck with aluminum railing, along with the advantage of powder coated paint on railings.

1. Better Endurance Against Windy and Humid Weather

The main advantage of aluminum railing for waterfront homes is that these railing systems do a much better job at withstanding humid weather and strong winds. Unlike other railing materials, such as wood, that tend to shrink, warp, twist or splinter, aluminum is considerably stronger. Because it's a nonferrous metal, aluminum doesn't rust or corrode. This is especially important for homes located in humid, rainy areas or decks located near water.

Vinyl railing systems are also susceptible to inclement weather as they tend to expand or shrink from extreme hot or cold temperatures. Even worse, vinyl is prone to crack or be damaged from harsh sunlight, making it a bad choice for homes in hot, tropical areas, such as South Florida. In comparison, UV rays have hardly any impact on our powder coated aluminum railings.

2. Minimal Maintenance

While other kinds of railing systems involve a lot of upkeep, aluminum railings only entail minimal maintenance. Just think how you need to paint wood or steel railings at least every other year or even more frequently.

However, our powder coated aluminum railing systems can retain their attractive color, giving them a finish that's exceptionally stunning and able to last for a long time. In other words, by choosing our powder coated aluminum railings, you're getting a totally maintenance-free product that only requires an occasional cleaning.

3. More Affordable

If you're on a budget, consider that an aluminum deck railing system is considerably more affordable than using steel or iron railings. Additionally, the durability of aluminum railings can mean spending less on maintenance expenses.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Besides being stronger, easy to maintain and easier on your wallet, aluminum railings are beautiful. Their sleek, elegant look can add aesthetic appeal to your property, which can result in an increase in resale value when it comes time to sell your home. Moreover, you can find them in a wide range of colors and designs that can go with your house.

5. Easier to Install

Since aluminum railing isn't as thick as other railing materials, such as steel, it's lighter in weight. This makes installation easier than what's involved in installing wood or steel railings. Another installation perk is flexibility. Wood or steel railings are typically harder to cut, with steel requiring specialized grinders, along with cutting torches used for adjustments.

6. An Ideal Option for Upper Story Decks and Platforms

Aluminum railings are an ideal choice for upper story decks and platforms. Consider how a raised deck needs to be able to withstand strong winds, which makes aluminum a great choice for upper story decks. Because aluminum is lighter in weight than other materials, it's makes installation easier when having to carry your railings to an upper story deck.

The Advantage of a Powder Coated Paint

Our aluminum railings are finished with durable AAMA 2604 powder coat paint, which provides a much thicker coating that what a conventional liquid coating offers. As a result, our product is more weather resistant and offers more durability than those that are wet-coated painted. What's more, our aluminum railing is less likely to peel than other railings.

Other Considerations

Another perk of aluminum is that it's recyclable. Therefore, it's more environmentally friendly than other materials.
Aluminum railing systems usually have balusters that are somewhat wider than other systems, such as metal. This gives more of a wood-like appearance, besides focuses on an appearance that is sturdier.
Also, this makes aluminum a good alternative for wood. This is especially important if you live in a location where moisture and rot are issues as is the case for coastal areas.

For safety reasons, it's also a good ideal to even use aluminum railing for decks that are low to the ground.