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6 Questions to Ask Before Building Your Entrance System

The first impression is fundamental because it creates a lasting impression. Your home's entry should offer a great first impression because it commands the attention of visitors, neighbors, and even the marketplace. Entrance systems not only provide your home with security and protection against unauthorized access but also add a touch of beauty and elegance to your home. They come in different designs, shapes, and transoms to enhance the character of your home and give you a variety of options to meet your needs. Although entrance systems present a great way to secure a house, a majority of homeowners do not know what questions to ask a builder before they install their entrance system. This article provides six questions to ask your contractor before they install an entrance system for your home.

1. Does the entrance system meet its purpose?

Homeowners install entrance systems for various reasons ranging from safeguarding high-value assets to securing the home and restricting unauthorized access. The builder should customize the entry system to reflect this purpose. The layout, size, and cost of the system depend on the purpose. Although the homeowner decides on the purpose of the entry system, he should ask the builder if the system meets the purpose. You wouldn't like to have a system installed to safeguard your valuable assets only for the builder to install an easily compromised system that can't guarantee security. It takes a quality entrance system to keep burglars off and deter home invasions.

2. How convenient will the system be?

Nobody likes complicated systems that are difficult to understand and operate. Your entrance system needs to be easy to operate and use. Ask your contractor how convenient and easy to operate the system will be. You don't want to spend more than 30 minutes trying to close your front door when you are already late for work.

3. Does it add to your home's aesthetic value?

A good entrance system should bring elegance and style to your home and hence add to its aesthetic value. Your builder should explain to you how the entrance system will contribute to your home's curb appeal. Will it add beauty and elegance to your front door? Will it have a chic and unique design or furnish to complement your home's existing design?

4. What type of authentication will the system use?

Entrance systems use different types of authentication such as card readers, keypads, pins, passwords, access cards, and locking hardware. Inquire from your builder the type of authentication your entrance system will use. Card readers are advisable as compared to pins and passwords because cards are difficult to counterfeit. Also, you can opt for a biometric system that although expensive, provides high-level security.

5. How much will the entry system cost?

You need to ask your builder how much the entrance system will cost -both the workforce and the equipment required. The cost should be in line with your budget to ensure you do not overspend. There are numerous entrance systems in the market with different features and prices. Settle for one within your budget. Ensure that the system offers significant benefits and is worth the cost.

6. Is the entrance system energy efficient?

Nobody wants an entrance system that skyrockets his energy bills. Inquire from your builder how energy efficient the entrance system is. How much energy will it consume if any? Is it weather tight?

Today's technology-driven world has led to the development of numerous entrance systems to protect your home and add to its aesthetics. Ensure that you install an effective entrance system by asking your builder these five questions to avert security flaws and functionality issues. Worthington Town Entrance Systems are designed to enhance the most basic house, offer top-notch security and provide excellent first impressions. Contact Worthington to inquire about entrance systems or request a quote.