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6 Projects that Are Perfect with Fiberglass Columns

Are you thinking about a major home renovation? When you're redesigning aspects of your home from the ground up, it's important to consider every innovation that could be added to your space. Fiberglass columns are one of the best tools in your toolbox for not only rebuilding your space for function, but also adding an undeniable classy style to the final result.

Today, we're featuring six popular home renovation projects that go perfectly with the addition of fiberglass columns

1) Wrap-Around Porch

Building a new porch for your home can be one of the best ways to make the place feel welcoming to family and guests alike. The bigger the porch, the better. Many families enjoy the continuity of a wrap-around porch, bringing their outdoor family time all the way around a home. Wrap-around porches are not just spacious, they are also an opportunity for elegance.

With fiberglass columns, your wrap-around porch becomes more than just deck slats and railings. It because a stately vision of beauty and style. Columns also make it easier to cover your wrap-around porch with a supported roof of its own, keeping your family comfortably in the shade all the way around.

2) Free-Flowing Living Space

Open floor plans are currently the most desirable way to live in a family home. Rather than having a separate dining room, living room, and kitchen, homes today flow freely from one room to the next. Even if you have to tear down a few walls to get there. Whether you are doing major structural renovations or just reinventing the look and feel of your open floor plan, columns are a wonderful way to add designation and detail without closing up the rooms.

A row of columns can differentiate the entryway from the living room, or give your open dining room a renewed sense of formality without cutting it off from the rest of the house. A row of interior fiberglass columns can help designate one room from another while maintaining the welcoming openness of your floor plan.

3) Overhanging Balcony Porch

Many balconies are built to sit on top of an extended lower part of the house, but not all of them. If you are building an added balcony that will create a shady patio overhang below, columns are one of your best possible options for making your balcony beautiful. Outdoor columns supporting your overhang balcony show off your sense of style while also providing a sunny second-story area to decorate with balustrade railings that perfectly match the columns below.

4) Spacious Master Bedroom Remodel

One way to use columns that is less known but absolutely beautiful is to frame your bed in the master bedroom. Why bother with a heavy four-poster bed frame when you can give yourself permanent four-posters with columns standing at the head and foot of your bed. Columns in the master bedroom often surprise people with their innovative use of space and the elegance they add to an often-mundane personal room design.

5) Helpful Half-Walls

Are you thinking about putting in a few half-walls as a form of storage, room differentiation, or to create friendly stool-height dining spots in your home? Half-walls and built-in bars can be incredibly useful and even aesthetically pleasing when combined with column caps. A column at the end of each half-wall can create visual continuity as well as a wonderfully framed doorway between the two columns.

6) Circular Dropped Living Rooms

Finally, there are home renovators who like to get crazy. You may, for example, drop or raise your living room to create a circular living area inside the home. Any time there is a wide circle in your architectural design or a specially designated area, columns can only make it better. Columns circling a round space in the home can become a stately frame reminiscent of the coliseum and other Greek and Roman constructions of old.