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6 Common Questions About Delivering Your Fiberglass Columns and Other Products

It takes time and dedication to find the perfect fiberglass columns to match the style of your new building or home. Once you’ve realized Worthington carries the best products in the industry, you need to be ensured that your product will arrive safely.

Worthington’s delivery process guarantees that you receive the right product at the most affordable shipping cost. Here are some of the most common questions that customers have after placing their orders.

1.) What is the shipping process once I place my order for my fiberglass columns?

The sales representative from Worthington that worked with you to help you find the perfect product will also assist you with your delivery process. You will receive a job site delivery check sheet to fill out. This form will go over questions such as:

Is access to job site suitable for our trucks? - Consider bridges, overpasses, tress wires, driveways etc.
Is equipment available to unload the truck? – if not, a liftgate can be requested for an additional fee
Are there proper storage facilities available at the job site?

Once this form is completed, we will relay the information to the freight company for proper delivery. Customers may request extra services including a specific delivery time and assistance with unloading and unpackaging.

2.) How long before I receive my product?

It depends on when you place your order and where you are located. For general reference, refer to the chart below:

Southeast  1 to 2 Days
Northeast 3 to 4 Days
West At least 5 Days

3.) How are your Fiberglass Columns shipped?

All deliveries are done through freight services. Customers need to be a

ware that freight services are different from postal or other mail carriers. A freight delivery is a curb side drop off rather than delivering it to your front door.

All columns are delivered in crates. They are properly secured to ensure that your products are not damaged. If you are ordering a spilt column, the column will not be split completely. We will split approximately 98% of the column shaft. This keeps the two piece from rubbing against each other or being damaged during the shipping process.

4.) What freight company do you use?

When it comes to shipping fiberglass columns or any other product, Worthington does not use a specific freight company. Our team looks at all the options for getting you your product. We search for the best company that will get your product to you safely and for the best price.

5.) What should I do when the product is delivered?

Once your columns or other products have been delivered, inspect it immediately for any signs of damage. If you notice damage, only accept the products that are not damaged. All shipments from Worthington are insured and there is no charge to our customer for damaged products. However, there is a limited time to notify Worthington of any damaged product. Typically this window is 10 days and the freight carriers place this limit on the freight claim to ensure that the product wasn’t damaged onsite and the customer is trying to seek reimbursement for after delivery damage.

Be sure to compare the number of units you received with the number listed on the delivery receipt. If everything is in order you must sign the delivery receipt to accept the freight from the carrier.

6.) Do you offer expedite shipping?

Yes. If you need your product sooner, Worthington can arrange for expedite shipping to help you receive your product closer to the date you need it.