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5 Ways to Style and Fill Your Decorative Nooks This Season

Decorative nooks are built into many homes, especially custom homes designed to be beautiful as well as functional. These nooks have so much potential but when they are empty, it can be difficult to imagine the perfect collection of items for the nooks that can pull the whole room design together. Should you place art? Functional items? Color or neutrals? Seasonal or year-round?

While the choice is ultimately yours to try things until you find the perfect solution, we have five wonderful suggestions for you today. Decorative nooks are full of potential and the right design will be something that is neutral, decorative, and fascinating all at once. This might sound challenging but soon you will see just how easy it really is to put your decorative nooks to good use.

Seasonal Dried Flower Arrangements

If you want seasonal arrangements that are not overwhelmingly holiday-themed, you can't go wrong with dried flower arrangements. Dried and preserved arrangements add a touch of nature to your decor without requiring maintenance and they are often a wonderful source of subtle fragrance without the need for artificial fresheners.

If you're not familiar with dried arrangements, you might be surprised just how diverse and visually dynamic they can be. Beautiful, but in a variety of soft neutral colors because dried flowers are faded. You can change out your dried arrangements with every season or keep them all year long when you find the perfect designs for your nooks.

Decorative Puzzle Games

Do you want to fascinate guests with something wooden and beautiful at the same time? Puzzle games and brain-teaser art are a wonderful theme for your decorative nooks. They don't draw attention to themselves with color, but the eye is drawn to them and once you start looking, it's hard to look away.

For a home that frequently hosts guests and low-key gatherings, a collection of wooden and metal puzzle games can turn your nooks into wonderful attention-grabbers, conversation, starters, and quiet art worth contemplating. If they are small and on lit pedestals, you might even make it clear that guests are welcome to try and solve the puzzles, making your nooks welcoming to both children and the very curious.

Artistically Stacked Storage

You can even put your nooks to work as storage and artwork at the same time with the right containers. There has always been a certain artistic appeal to shapely boxes in natural materials that have been dynamically stacked. Like a game of Jenga with wicker, metal, and wood you can create stacks of storage boxes that draw the eye without demanding attention. This can allow you to store knickknacks, glassware and other small items in your nooks while also using them as decor.

Color-Coordinated Artwork

Real artwork is, of course, also very much an option. There are so many options for art that what you choose should be shaped by both personal preference and the theme of your interior design. Look for artwork that features the same colors as the color splashes in your interior design. One example might be a collection of painted masks featuring vibrant colors that match your throw pillows and accent walls. 

Classic options include decorative vases and illuminated paintings. Or if you want to get creative and beautiful at the same time, consider hanging delicate mobiles of glass illuminated from below or ceramic illuminated from above for a non-traditional use of your nooks.

Mysterious Shapes Behind Lit Frosted Glass

You don't even have to put anything specific into your nooks to make them artistic and subtly add to the decor of your room. Fit your nooks with frosted glass (or plastic) illuminated from behind. In between the lights and the glass, place objects of interesting shape. It doesn't matter what the objects are. Your guests will find their eyes drawn to the nooks wondering what the shadowed shapes might be while the color added to the room is whatever color of glass you chose, making this a beautifully soft way to put your nooks to use.


Homes that feature decorative nooks have great potential for decor, and not necessarily in traditional ways. If you are remodeling your home and would like incorporate nooks into the wall design, we can help. Contact us today or explore our online store to discover a variety of nook molds and designs to choose from.