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5 Tips To Accent Outdoor Spaces Using Tapered Columns

There are many ways to change the look of plain outdoor space. Today, homeowners want to have outdoor living space that includes accents of their interior design. Columns will add elegant architectural features to the millwork carpentry that is done inside and outside of your home. Tapered columns are a great way to add details to features like decks and covered porches. Here are some tips to help accent these outdoor spaces using tapered columns:

Covered Porches And Tapered Columns That Accent Architecture

Tapered columns are a great solution to accent covered porches. They provide many options for accenting architectural designs, such as using custom pedestals or building custom millworks features. Since covered porches are partially protected from the outdoor elements, these areas are ideal for the use of wood millwork and custom trim details.

Where To Use Different Tapered Column Materials For Outdoor Features

There are different types of materials that can be used for architectural details using tapered columns. Traditional millworks materials are still used in many cases and work great in areas like covered porches. The wood features will require routine maintenance and painting to ensure they last. In areas where columns are more exposed to the elements, there are the choices of vinyl composites and fiberglass columns. If you want low-maintenance columns, fiberglass is one of the best choices of materials. If you are looking for custom millwork, conventional lumber and vinyl materials will work much better.

The Difference Between Structural And Decorative Columns For Outdoor Features

There are several different ways that exterior tapered columns can be installed. These features are often in areas that carry structural loads, such as a column the carries the weight of the roof above a covered porch. Structural loads will need to have structural columns or posts to preserve the structural integrity of a building. With posts, especially tapered column wraps can be used to accent the architecture.  In areas where there are no structural loads, false columns will give a uniform appearance to architectural designs. The false columns are a good solution to add columns to areas need more details.

Round vs. Square Tapered Columns For Outdoor Deck And Porch Accents

Tapered Columns are in many different styles, which are round or square. Round columns are best with features that are open, while square columns are a practical solution for features like high porches or decks that require railings. Round columns have the benefit of no sharp edges, which is great for high traffic areas, such as covering near a pool area. For areas that require railings, square tapered columns will work best. If you have a project that is going to require railings, but round columns look better, pedestal features can be used with round columns to create the tapered column features.

Tapered Column Pedestal Bases And Features For Exterior Architectural Details

Another solution to add architectural details to exteriors with tapered columns is to use pedestal bases. This is something that looks great with craftsman-style designs that have brick or natural stone features. The base of the column can be a stone pedestal and the upper portion can be made of a specially designed column wrap from a millworks service. There are also tapered column wraps with the pedestal millworks features built into the column wrap. If you have a tall area where standard column sizes are not suitable, pedestal features will help add to the height to use standard size columns that are available from more millworks services.

These are some tips to help you choose the right choice of tapered columns to accent outdoor features. Contact us for help with choosing the right columns for your outdoor projects.