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5 Mind Blowing False Beliefs About Fiberglass Columns

Believe it or not there are so many different variables when it comes to fiberglass columns. Many have created false beliefs about this product that could potentially cause installation and purchase errors without knowing the facts.

1) Fiberglass columns can only be used on the exterior of your home. False.

  • Fiberglass columns can be used on the interior and exterior of your home. By doing this, the same profile architectural column will be kept throughout the entire house. Some of our clients believe that by getting wood on the inside and fiberglass on the outside they are actually saving money. The truth is that a fiberglass column actually cost less upfront than an architectural wood column plus long term benefits are less as well!

2) Structural fiberglass columns are solid. False.

  • Structural fiberglass columns are hollow as they are cast in a mold that is rotated extremely fast. This rotation allows the fiberglass material to be pushed to the exterior of the mold and it dries while the fiberglass column is spinning. In the end, a hollow fiberglass column is created.

3) Fiberglass Columns are thin and are like the hull of a fishing boat. False.

  • Fiberglass columns are actually a composite that consists of dust, marble, fiberglass, and several other materials that give the column strength and rigidity. This combination of the materials ensures the wall thickness is not only strong but gives them material a “stout” feeling when you tap on the column.

4) Fiberglass columns sound hollow and feel cheap. False.

  • Fiberglass columns look and feel like a solid column. The walls are approximately 3/8” -5/8” thick and actually feel more solid than wood even though wood columns can be up to 3” in wall thickness. They typically have a limited lifetime warranty and are less expensive than most exterior grade wood columns that come with a one year warranty.

5) The flutes on a fiberglass column can not be adjusted. False.

  • The flutes on a fluted architectural fiberglass column can be adjusted. This is imperative that the column manufacturer have this capability in order to assure the client that the flutes will not run into the base or stop to far above the base for a particular opening. As a potential buyer Worthington is able to stop the flutes at any specified length from the base at any given height. All you need to provide us is the total length including capital, shaft and base.