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5 Great Places to Put a Wall Niches in Your Home

When it comes to making a home design pop, architectural finishes are the name of the game. Trim and molding, balusters and railings, decorative brackets, and window louvers can make a big difference. There is a huge amount of focus on curb appeal and interior first impressions, so molding and balustrade systems get a lot of attention. But the little touches that make a home both useful and elegant often go unnoticed.

One such finish is the simple wall niche. A wall niche is a plaster shelf built into a recess in the wall. They are installed just just like a lightswitch box, by cutting into the drywall and installing the niche to form the recess. These small recesses can provide attractive decor and handy shelves all over the house, without taking up any floor space.

In fact, homes with niches are often subtly more useful and tidy because there's often a shelf handy right where you need one. Let's take a look at five of the best places to build a wall niche in your home.  

1) Up the Stairs Wall

For most staircases, there is a wall that goes up along one side. This wall often hosts a few windows and sconce lights for illumination, and in some families is the prime location for family photos. But you can also add a little storage and shelf-decor without cutting into your important stair-climbing space. 

One niche can spruce up your stair landing without a single piece of furniture. Place lighting or decoration in the niche and everyone will feel a little happier going up the stairs. You can even install a sequence of ascending niches, providing recessed light and shelves all the way up.

2) In the Bathroom

There is no doubt, the single most common place to install a niche is in the bathroom. Bathrooms are commonly small and lacking in handy storage. Shower niches are a traditional and very useful way to keep track of your soap. But longer niches in the drywall can also provide you with useful towel or toiletry storage without taking up your precious cabinet real estate.

3) Extra Closet Storage

Closets tend to also lack in shelving that isn't above your head. One huge improvement to the closet design is recessed shelving for socks, underthings, and accessories in addition to the closet bar. Niches or built-in shelving are a great way to improve both small closets and walk-in closets alike.

4) By the Front Door

Ever wish you had a handy surface near the front door? A niche can become the perfect side-table for your keys and pocket change, among other things, without requiring an actual table or cabinet. In a small entryway, a niche can be the perfect solution to lacking real storage space, giving you a place to set pocket items and even hide a mirror when there's no room to place storage furniture near the front door.

5) Under the Stairs

Then there are those awkward small spaces in a home that require a little creativity. The space under the stairs, that extra stretch of wall in the laundry room, or the end of the inner hallway can all be a puzzle to decorate or make useful. Keep niches in mind, in case a recess shelf in just the right place can turn a non-space into a useful or decorative space instantly.


Wall niches are the perfect way to add a little storage and style to any small space. Whether you're decorating a tiny house or looking for an under-the-stairs improvement project, niches might be just the thing. Contact us today to find out more about how to select and install the perfect niches for your home improvements.