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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Column Covers

What are column covers?

Column covers are
porch columns that are split vertically to surround a round or square column in half and with the purpose to hide a structural support. This structural support may be round or square and in either case it is important to know the interior dimensions of the column and how big of a post it will be surrounding. It is also important to take in mind that when figuring for a square support you must use the diagonal measurement. Who said that 10th grade geometry wouldn’t come in handy in the future? In case you forgot the formula it is A^2 + B^2 = C^2 where A and B are the side widths of the post. C would be equal to the hypotenuse or the diagonal going across the square.

How do you put the split columns back together?

Split columns are a challenge and do require more time to install and some skill. You will be able to purchase a heavy duty construction adhesive from a local hardware store along zip-ties, screws and aluminum plates that will help hold the columns together. First, you will set one side of the column in place and then apply the adhesive on the wall of the column. Next place the other half of the column in place to the make the column whole. Take the zip ties and wrap the column about every 2’ to 3’ going up the column shaft. Secure the column at the top and bottom with “L” brackets and then apply the flat plates to the sides of the columns over the seam at the very top and bottom. Once this has died remove the zip-ties and then install the capitals and bases around the column at the top and bottom. After you cut the bead of adhesive away from the seam you are ready to Bondo the seam and then prime and paint.

What materials do column covers come in?

Column covers are available in round or square cast and wound fiberglass columns, polymer stone columns, PVC columns, Aluminum columns and even Wood columns.

Are column covers load bearing?
No! Column covers are strictly cosmetic and are not recommended for load bearing applications. The structural support that you are surround should be the dependent for the structural loading of the roof.

Are column covers and column wraps the same?

Yes! Column covers and column wraps are the same. The two names are synonymous and are each used frequently in the architectural products industry.