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4 Tips to Decorate Your Columns Without Permanent Fixtures

With the approach of Christmas, we ring in the season of home decoration. Stretching from now until New Year's, homeowners everywhere will be pulling out their favorite seasonal decoration and going all-out for family fun and the delight of the neighborhood. As you get ready to put out the glowing pumpkins and cleverly place your crash-landing witches, one of your best decoration assets are your new fiberglass columns. Or perhaps the fiberglass columns you are planning to install soon.

Columns are fantastic during the holiday decoration season because you can wrap them, dramatically light them, hang wreaths on them, crash witches into them, weave garlands between them, and so much more. We're not here to tell you how to decorate your columns (this time) but we are here to help you decorate them satisfactorily.

Non-Permanent Column Decorating Tricks

With decorative fiberglass columns, you may not want to screw in hooks or nail in other affixing aids to hold your decorations in place, as this can create holes that will be less attractive when the seasonal decor comes down. Fortunately, you don't have to. There are several non-permanent ways to affix decorations to your columns (and between and around your columns) without leaving a lasting mark. Which is exactly what we're here to share today.

1) Wind From a Ceiling Fixture

Your first trick is to screw you affixing point into the ceiling, awning, or eves at the top of your columns and then wind your decor items all the way down the columns. For wound-around decorations like lights and streamers, this can be a great way to decorate your columns with a permanent fixture that will always be out of sight, leaving your columns pristine when decoration season is over.

2) Command-Strip Hooks and Fasteners

But what if you want to hang a wreath or on a column? While you might be able to hang it from above and affix it with a wrapped tie, a better way is with mounting tape. Command Strips from 3M are a fantastic go-to solution for easily removable mounting tape strips that never leave a residue, sticky or oily. They are also surprisingly strong and come with a wide variety of hooks, fasteners, and other mounting devices that connect using the strips. So you can mount anything you want to the columns with no worry about permanent fixtures.

3) Wrap and Tie

Another great solution for some kinds of decor is a simple wrap and tie. Large rolls of ribbon, for example, can look beautiful wrapped and tied around your columns, making your home look like a beautiful holiday gift. Get creative with your design in other ways.

4) Removable Decal Stickers

You can also find other forms of non-permanent sticky mounting. A great many holiday decorations come in the form of removable Decals that can go in windows or stick on the side of cars and can be easily removed afterward. The right decal can also be attached to your fiberglass column, allowing you to use large spooky stickers or lovely holiday images and then easily peel it away when you're done


Decorating your fiberglass columns for the holidays doesn't have to leave them marked with holes or permanent fasteners. With these tricks, you can deck the halls or create a spooktacular haunted house approach for trick-or-treaters, confident your columns will be pristine and beautiful all summer long when decor is tucked away for next year.