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4 Home Improvement Projects Using Aluminum Railing

Aluminum railing is one of the most popular modern materials for home improvements. It is lightweight, rust-free, and easy to work with. Aluminum railing can look shiny and industrial or dark and matte-finished to match any style of home. It is also incredibly durable, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can even add railing as a safety or home design feature in places where it does not traditionally go.

There are all sorts of ways to improve your home with aluminum railing, and today we're looking at the top four uses in modern homes.

1) Porch and Deck Railing

Every porch and deck deserves sturdy, attractive railing. Plastic railing tends to be flimsy and wood railing can decay over time. If you want to install a railing that will last for generations and blend beautifully with the outside of your home, aluminum is the go-to solution. Porch and deck railings made of aluminum are resistant to the elements and are also conveniently lightweight, therefore attach firmly without additional ground supports.

2) Upstairs Balcony Railing

Having a strong lightweight railing is even more important for decks and balconies on upper stories of the house. It is vital for balconies to have a railing that can withstand being sat on and possibly a little horseplay without putting anyone at risk of a long fall. Aluminum railings can provide the security and railing density you're looking for and can be painted to match any color and style of home.

You can also use aluminum for indoor balconies where the floor plan creates overlooks from the second or third floor down to the first.  Balconies around the staircase or more artistically placed are very popular and it is just as vital to have safe railing indoors as it is for outdoor balconies. Aluminum provides an easy to install alternative to wood that is impervious to moisture.

3) Front Step and Ramp Railing

Many people find that adding a railing to their front steps is immensely helpful for older relatives, visitors, and residents. Whether you're hauling groceries up the steps or need a little extra balance, aluminum railings on the front step will be greatly appreciated over time. And if your intention is to install or improve on a front ramp, a new railing is the perfect way to complete this home safety project. Ramps do pose a slight risk of rolling or stepping off the edge and a railing provides both support and security if installed correctly on the approach to the front entrance.

4) Staircase Railing and Bannister

Railing-free staircases sometimes look artistic, but they are inherently unsafe in some really profound ways. Every home with a staircase indoors or outside should consider the type of railing they want to install. some people want a banister they can slide down, most families are content with a sturdy and reliable railing that looks nice with the home decor.

Aluminum railing can offer both qualities depending on the style of railing you choose. Aluminum railing can be used for long single-landing staircases or for more spiraling multi-landing staircases by using segments of angled and flat feet of railing.


If you are planning a home improvement project in the near future, there's a good chance that aluminum railing will be on your list of supplies. It is great for decks, balconies, stairs, and ramps and works well for both indoor and outdoor projects. If you would like more information on where and how aluminum railing can be used or a consultation on your home improvement plans, contact us today! Our team is always ready to find the right railing for any project.