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3 Tips to Minimize Joints Between Polyurethane Crown Molding Sections

One of the biggest problems/complaints that we get after our client installs crown moldings is, “how do I cover up the joints that are between my molding sections?”  It is normal for every building product to expand and contract during hot and cold temperatures and polyurethane crown molding is no exception.  This type of crown molding can be used for interior and exterior uses so extreme hot and cold temperatures will be tested on the molding.  This however is a problem that needs to be resolved during installation as once the crown molding is installed there is very little that can be done to resolve seeing the seam. By following these three tips below you can minimize, if not eliminate, the potential threat of that seam that can become quite the eye-soar after a finished installation.

(1)    Cut the section 1/8” longer for every 5’:

That’s right!  Everyone has heard the saying, “measure twice, cut once,” but when applying to polyurethane crown molding you need to think “measure twice, cut long.”  Once you have made this cut you will have to force the molding into its place.  The molding section will actually bow out a little and after applying the adhesive on the back and screws through the face it will secure the molding firmly.

(2)    Use Miter blocks between sections and on the inside and outside corners:

This is more of a method than a tip but this avoids the seam between molding sections altogether.  A miter block is simply a wood block that is placed between each of the crown molding sections.  It will require some skill to create the block and this can be a little challenging when applying on an outside corner.   Each molding section will butt into the miter block and this is what eliminates having the joint from one section to the next.

(3)    Apply adhesive on the end of the section that joins to the next section:

This is a simple step that is often overlooked.  This ensures that each molding section is properly secured to the next section.  By using PL-Premium you are assured that you are using an adhesive that is very strong and has been tested with the polyurethane material.  Using a different adhesive could damage or harm the molding and even cause the molding to come detached from the roof or ceiling.