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27 Ways to Decorate with Corbels in Your Home

Worthington Millwork's American-made architectural products are a testimony to the high-end quality architectural products we offer, including corbels to decorate every corner of your home. You will not only restyle the look of the interior or exterior, but also the curb appeal, and interior WOW! factor, both of which can increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell.


Corbels are a simple way to add beautiful details to your home's interior and exterior, transforming them from boring to magnificent. They are decorative, sometimes ornate "supports" that jut out from a fixture or wall, adding functional support or simply decorative detail. The horizontal and vertical parts form a 90-degree angle so as to attach to the wall and the underside of a shelf, fixture, etc.

Types of Corbels

Corbels can be found in many homes located in historic districts, both on the outside as well as the inside. Here we will look at some of the many different uses for these beautifully crafted home accents. From ornately carved to ultramodern, corbels come in all shapes and sizes.

Corbels are available in a variety of materials, from cast iron to bronze and from wood to resin and are an affordable way to add elegance and detail to your home's interior. For antique corbels, you can shop flea markets, but they can get pricey. Better yet, Worthington Millworks has some beautiful high-density urethane corbels. These architectural corbels are highly weather-resistant and come pre-primed with quality exterior latex, ready for you to finish with the color of your choice; you can treat them just like wood, so you can antique them yourself and save money!

27 Ways to Use Decorative Corbels in Your Home's Interior

Corbels can be used in every room of your home.  Here are just a few examples:

In the Bathroom

  1. Use them as shelves to hold small potted plants, candles or knick-knacks
  2. Create shelving to hold towels and bath supplies
  3. Drill holes and insert a dowel to create towel bars
  4. Use brass corbels to hang your towels or a place to steam out wrinkles

In the Kitchen/Laundry room

  1. Create shelving to hold spices
  2. Build a kitchen utensil rack using corbels
  3. Drill a hole at the top, insert a dowel and use as a paper towel holder
  4. Create a towel bar for your kitchen towels
  5. Build a shelf in your laundry room for supplies
  6. Frame the corners of open doorways for added eye-appeal
  7. Install under an overhanging bar extension for support and to add some décor
  8. Install large corbels by doorways as sconces for candles
  9. Use as bookends to hold recipe books
  10. Use 3 oversized corbels back-to-back to build a kitchen table

In the Living Room

  1. Create an attractive fireplace mantel by installing oversized corbels to support a heavy oak shelf
  2. Create a medial shelf under a wall-mounted TV
  3. Use as bookends
  4. Create beautiful sconces
  5. Install long, narrow corbels on the front of your kitchen island

In the Dining Room

  1. Use corbels in the dining room to create shelving for your stemware
  2. Create a sideboard for your wines or as a buffet
  3. Frame door casements with oversized corbels

In bedrooms

  1. Turn a corbel into a hanging lamp
  2. Create small wall-mounted tables as nightstands
  3. Create a shelf below a large mirror for keys, cell phones, etc.
  4. Mount corbels on the wall as displays for small plants/pictures/diffusers
  5. Create a faux-fireplace with 2 oversized corbels and a mantel

Now that your creativity has been piqued, you can start by looking around the house for where you may want to install some. If your house is Colonial or Victorian, choose corbels that are intricately carved.  If your taste in decor leans towards contemporary, modern or ultramodern, think clean lines. Worthington Millwork offers over 150 different styles from which to choose.

For more inspiring ideas on decorating with corbels, visit Pinterest-Corbels or watch as Martha Stewart demonstrates using corbels to create a media shelf under a wall-mounted TV.

Make sure you use the right size corbel for the project. The rule of thumb is to make sure the corbel is at least 2/3 the depth of the shelving and at minimum 3' apart if using them for support.  Talk to one of our experts at Worthington Millwork for any questions you may.

Worthington Millwork is proud to offer the highest quality all American-made architectural products. Check out our beautiful corbels and other products. Give us a call todayand let us help you with your corbel needs - interior and exterior.