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11 Decorative and Functional Ways to Use Worthington Fiberglass Columns

Worthington Millworks' architectural fiberglass and architectural FRP fiberglass columns are among the best American-made quality columns available. Fiberglass columns have increased in popularity over the last several years due to the many advantages they have compared to traditional wood columns.

Advantages of Fiberglass

Weather and temperatures take their toll on exterior wood columns, especially during the winter months. Tiny cracks in the wood allow moisture in and freeze, causing wood columns to swell, crack and split. Fiberglass columns are not affected by the weather. Here are just some of the advantages of fiberglass columns compared to wood:

Class A fire rating
Can be painted
Consistent quality
Easy to install
Lightweight design
Limited lifetime warranty
Reduced maintenance
Resistant to insects, especially termites
Will not chip, warp, peel or splinter
Will not rot or decay
Shapes & Sizes

Fiberglass columns come in a variety of shapes and sizes: round, square, hexagonal, round tapered, square tapered and non-tapered; they are available in many diameters and custom lengths.

Our fiberglass columns come in:

10 different diameters
54 different dimensions
15 different cap & base designs options

A critical element in selecting the right columns for your project is the diameter. Different columns, support different weights or "loads"; this is their "load-bearing capacity." Ignoring load-bearing requirements is not only unsafe, but it can also void the warranty if the load exceeds its load-bearing capacity.

Worthington Millwork's architectural fiberglass and architectural FRP fiberglass columns are designed to be load-bearing. Our most dynamic columns are the FRP fiberglass, typically used for columns 16″ or greater in diameter. These columns have a filament-wound technology that produces a very lightweight, durable product with load-bearing capacity up to 35,000 lbs. If you are unsure of your project's requirements, you should consult an architect or structural engineer to confirm the load-bearing requirements of the structure as well as the maximum space between columns.

Installation and Maintenance

As mentioned early, fiberglass columns require much less maintenance and provide many more years of service compared to wood columns. Additionally, fiberglass columns take less time wood columns to install and finish.

How to Use Our Fiberglass Columns

As lightweight, durable, and attractive as they are, our fiberglass columns can be used indoors and outdoors, for load-bearing as well as decorative projects.

Here are just a few examples of some creative uses for our columns:
Create a backdrop of staggering heights of columns for flowers at an extraordinary event, i.e., wedding, anniversary, graduation
Create wedding arches or gazebo
Build arbors and pergolas – our columns will last for many years
When remodeling your front entry, give it class and style with our columns
Create decorative mantels – from Roman-Greco to Victorian to Contemporary, and we have many styles to choose from
Columns at both sides of doorways provide a touch of elegance and sophistication
Place at corners of oversized entries with open casements, i.e., the Living Room, Dining Room, or kitchen
Use at the end of knee-walls to define rooms
Use as decorative accents around porches or to provide support
Our decorative columns can be used in outdoor sitting areas and porticos to support overhangs
Create an atmosphere around the pool area with columns and life-size statuary

With over 30 years in the business, Worthington Millwork takes pride in providing the best quality fiberglass columns at the best prices. As industry leaders in architectural columns and millwork, we are dedicated to manufacturing superior made-in-America products. Our promise to you is to deliver the best in class service. Call us today for a free estimate on your next project!