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10 Great Websites for Home Builders to Remain Relevant in 2019

The construction industry is changing gradually, and technology is disrupting it substantially. From 3D printing to construction management software, many changes and trends are emerging in the industry. In light of these changes, it is essential for home builders to stay updated on the latest trends in the industry. There are numerous resources for home builders to stay updated with websites being at the forefront.  With so many websites and blogs providing residential construction news, you may be overwhelmed on the sites to choose. A good construction website meets seven criteria namely; remarkable design, ease of use, good copywriting, excellent interactivity, use of technology, and great content. Below are ten great websites to help home builders remain relevant in 2019.

1.   Construction Dive

It is the Wall Street Journal of the construction industry. When you visit the site, anticipate the latest industry trends and commentary on key issues affecting the current and future of the sector. Also, you get an in-depth analysis of current events put in simple language for easy comprehension.


Building is an award-winning magazine that dates back to the 19th century. It provides home builders with construction news and analysis. Also, it sensitizes readers on best practices and sustainability in the industry.

3.   Reddit Construction

This website gives home builders constant information on the industry. It discusses all things construction from contracting to the building, plumbing, and electrical. Reddit's wide variety of content will keep you busy the entire day.

4.   Engineering News-Record

If you want the latest construction news, analysis, and data, this is the website to visit. Whether you are a contractor, regulator, or supplier, this site has something for you.

5.   Connect and Construct

No person in the construction industry— both residential and commercial can forgo this resource.  It offers helpful advice and tips on all topics about construction management especially. It avails information on such categories as quality, safety, and efficiency.

6.   The Jobsite

Don't get it wrong; it's not a job searching site. It is a website dedicated to construction technology. A home builder looking to incorporate technology into his business can visit this site for insights. The Jobsite emphasizes the essence of using technology to boost company efficiency and profitability. It also offers advice on marketing your construction firm.

7.   Equipment World

The website has been operational since 2010. It has been offering home builders the latest news in construction and equipment to help them remain relevant. Equipment World has everything you need to get the hard work done.

8.   Professional Builder

It is an ideal website for home builders in the US. It supplies them with industry trends, product innovations, and breaking news. Are you looking for best practices in the industry? Look no further than this website because it conducts research to develop the latest best practices for the home building sector in the US.

9.   Build Blog

Are you into contemporary architecture? Stay updated with the latest news and trends in modern architecture on Build Blog. It offers informative and entertaining information on the state of the world of architecture

10.  Constructionomics

A home builder willing to remain in the know in the economic side of construction can rely on this website. It tackles everything in the financial side of construction. The writing style of the blog is incredible and easily understandable.

As a home builder, you want to stay updated on the latest news and trends in the construction industry. The industry is changing steadily and staying up to date is the only way to remain relevant in 2019. These ten websites provide credible and updated construction data to keep you updated of what is happening in every corner of the industry.