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10 Exciting Ways to Use Balustrade Systems in Your Home

Worthington Millwork's elegant balustrade systems combine the finest balustrade materials available -  the impeccable classic styling allows you to select the perfect balustrade system to make your home stand out. Our stylish columns complement our elegant Balustrade Systems-when used in combination, they add additional beauty and richness to any home.

Balustrade systems enhance the appearance and define porches, entrance ways, terraces, verandas, lanais, balconies and decks. Our balustrade systems are maintenance-free; they are built from only the finest materials, ensuring the rich quality and workmanship for which Worthington Millwork is renowned.

Not only are our balustrade systems easy to install, they are durable, maintenance-free, and affordable. If you have a project in mind, give one of the experts at Worthington Millwork a call to discuss the best materials and receive a free consultation.

Additionally, Interior Designers are bringing more of the outdoors inside, creating a comfortable, flowing atmosphere from the inside out and the outside in.

Here we highlight 10 exciting ways to use our balustrades to liven up your home's interior and exterior:

For A Two-Story House (Interior): If you can look down to the lower floor from the top floor, give your upper hallway a French Quarter feel with some columns, column capitals, a balustrade system and some arched cornices
The Pool Area: Add some columns to your portico, then add a small balustrade on the roof to create a faux balcony

For an Oversized Cased Opening: if your kitchen or living room has an "open room" concept, you can create some definition by adding two newel posts with a balustrade in between on one or both sides of the casement, creating a veranda look

Another Option for An Oversized Cased Opening: For a Tuscan touch, add two columns on each side, about 3 feet (0.91 meters) apart with a balustrade between the columns

Outdoor Sitting Area: Our "Worthington Stone™" Polymer Stone Balustrade System is Worthington's most economical "stone" balustrade system. Enclose your natural stone patio with this maintenance-free "stone" balustrade for an elegant touch of class

Vintage Victorian House: Take the New Orleans look one step further to your house's exterior – create faux-balconies in front of the long, narrow windows on the upper floor to give your home lots of curb appeal. A widow's walk would be stunning!

Plantation-Style Homes: Many of these houses call for an abundance of balustrade across the front of the house as well as the wrap-around verandas. Paint the balusters and bottom rail one color and the top rail another for a splash of color and contrast – better yet, order your parts pre-painted!

Flat top garages: Balustrades go everywhere – not only will a balustrade system enhance the appearance of a flat top roof, it will also add safety to your perfect rooftop hangout!

Create a Gingerbread House: Add a balustrade system to a Cape Cod Cottage, add some bright colored paint and accents and you're good to go!

Define a sitting area in the master bedroom: Use columns, newel posts and balustrades to define a computer area from the rest of the bedroom without losing light or transparency

Worthington Millwork's selection of three quality maintenance-free paint-grade balustrade systems allow us to provide you with the ideal materials for your project.

Our architectural balustrade systems are available in maintenance-free synthetic stone, lightweight polyurethane, and cast fiberglass.  Worthington offers an exceptional selection of balusters and balustrade systems and are available in over 100 elegant designs, colors and sizes; they come white-primed, ready to install and paint.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, Worthington has a balustrade solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Worthington Millwork is proud to offer the highest quality all American-made architectural products. Check out our beautiful balustrade systems and other products. Give us a call today and let us help you with your corbel needs - interior and exterior.