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Note: Please select a column by clicking on it or using the select button. Once completed, a price quote will be emailed to you. We do not install the columns, the estimate is for the columns and the freight to get them to you. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your estimate.

Choose the Best Custom Made Column For Your Property

Columns are highly visible installations, which is why it is important to choose one carefully. At Worthington, we recognize that different clients have different requirements, which is why we give you the option to design your own column with our easy-to-use column builder tool. If you’re not certain about the designs or need some assistance, use this tool and to find the right fit.

How Do You Design Your Own Column?

Designing your own column is easy and the tool provides clear step-by-step options. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can use it effectively:

  1. Select Your Style

The first step is to select your style. We offer four unique and interesting style options to our clients. These styles are suitable for different kinds of architectural environments so choose something that fits your space well. Here’s a look at the options available:

  • Round columns that taper gently towards the top.
  • Round columns that don’t taper and remain uniform.
  • Square columns that don’t taper and remain uniform.
  • Square columns that taper gently towards the top.

You can click on the column that you like the most and move on to the next step for finding the best modern front porch columns.

  1. Select Material

The next step is to select the material of your column. At Worthington, we offer different options so you can find something that fits your requirements perfectly. Here’s a look at what we have available:

  • Stone – Stone is a durable and attractive option for people who like the appearance of natural stone. These columns are made from a polymer material that comes pre-colored. The look and texture of these columns are very similar to natural stone. Stone columns are reasonably priced but they’re not the most affordable options we have.
  • Wood – Wood is a very popular material for people who like the rustic look. While the material has a high cost of ownership, it does add a distinctive, organic charm to your property. Wood requires some regular maintenance but can last for a long time under the right conditions. It is also our most expensive option.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass columns are our most popular products. They’re ideal as both interior and exterior house columns because they are quite durable. Fiberglass can handle all kinds of weather, is easy to maintain, and light-weight, which makes it a good choice for all kinds of applications.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum columns are also very popular because they are very affordable. These columns can handle outdoor conditions and require very little maintenance. We offer six pre-colored options so you can choose something that suits your aesthetic requirements.

Some of the large columns are wound for greater stability. You can contact our customer care service if you are uncertain about the size.

  1. Select the Capital

The capital is a decorative fixture that sits at the top of the column. It provides better support, ensures the column is more balanced and enhances the appearance of the column. We provide a wide range of options so you can choose something subtle or elaborate based on your property’s architecture and design.

For example, the Roman Corinthian design is very elaborate and suitable for properties that need a bit of embellishment. The Tuscan style is more restrained and great for minimalist homes. We offer options like Greek Iconic, Roman Ionic, Roman Doric, Empire, Greek Erectheum, Scamozzi, and more. Look at the designs carefully before picking an option.

We recommend choosing a capital that doesn’t overwhelm your space. It should be used as an accent instead of a centerpiece. If you want to know more about capitals, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

  1. Select the Shaft

There are two shaft options in round and square formats. Both of them offer will look great as exterior or interior decorative columns. Here’s a look at the two designs:

  • Plain Shaft – The plain shaft has smooth sides and an elegant finish. It is the most commonly used shaft for columns because it is easy to maintain and fits in with almost every décor. If you’re looking for something understated and beautiful at the same time, this is a good choice.
  • Fluted Shaft – The fluted shaft has striations along its body. These parallel lines give it texture and make the entire column look more elaborate. It is a little more expensive and can be somewhat difficult to clean, but it looks great. People who want to add a sense of grandeur to their property will prefer the fluted shaft.
  1. Choose a Base

The next step is to choose a base. Like the capital sits at the top of the column, the base sits at the bottom. The two most popular base options include the Tuscan base and the Attic base. Both have minor differences that can help complete the look.

  1. Choose the Dimensions

The next step is to enter the diameter and height of the column. We make our products according to your specifications to ensure the interior house columns fit in perfectly. Select the diameter, which is mentioned in inches, and height, which is mentioned in feet. Make sure the numbers are accurate to ensure you get the right product.

  1. Choose the Cut Plan

Once you have entered the dimensions, you will need to choose a cut plan.There are four distinctive plans so you can get the whole column or a partial one. The options include

  • Cut Plan A with the whole column.
  • Cut Plan B that includes 3/4th of the column.
  • Cut Plan C that cuts a section at the top lengthwise.
  • Cut Plan D that cuts the column in half.

If you want to know more about these plans, don't hesitate to contact us directly. You only need to mention how many columns you need after this point before placing an order.

If you want some help with our column builder tool, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at Worthington. They will answer all of your questions and provide straightforward advice.