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Why Add Greek Columns and Capitals To Your Home?

Why Add Greek Columns and Capitals To Your Home?
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In the world of minimalism and restraint, Greek columns and capitals can seem like an odd choice. These majestic structures immediately catch the eye and convey a sense of grandeur. They are a part of classical architecture and lean more towards opulence than minimalism. But that doesn’t mean your home can’t benefit from these structures without appearing too old fashioned. Many modern designs use columns and capitals to add some dimension to the rooms, ensuring that they don’t look too bland. At Worthington, we encourage homeowners to explore different types of columns and capitals for their property. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should consider them:

1. Timeless Beauty – Greek columns have been around for thousands of years and they’re still considered classy and elegant. They add timeless beauty to any room, regardless of its design. If you want to install something that will age beautifully with your home, columns and capitals are the best choices. They’ll never really go out of fashion.

2. Interesting Addition – Modern minimalist and urban architecture are restrained. It looks clean, stark, and can even come across as cold if you don’t accessorize the space properly. Greek columns and capitals are great accessories. They will add interest and dimension to the space without compromising its minimalist appeal. You just need to plan the placement correctly to ensure the column doesn’t overwhelm any other decorative element.

3. Functional Installation – Columns and capitals aren’t just for show. They can become a part of the property’s support network by shouldering some of the roof’s weight. They can also divide space cleanly without disrupting the flow of movement. For example, you can use columns to separate the kitchen from the dining room without installing a wall. Columns don’t take up too much space and installing one or two won’t shrink the space. Dividing a room in half with a wall can make the area seem smaller but dividing it with columns will make it appear bigger.

4. Framing – Columns and capitals are often used for framing in modern households. You can install columns on either side of a charming fireplace to create a sense of grandeur. It is also a good idea to install them beside large paintings or pieces of art that you want to showcase. The Greek columns and capitals will draw people’s eye towards the artwork or fireplace.

5. Disguising Load-Bearing Pillars – Most homes have large load-bearing pillars to support the roof. These pillars are often plain and some can even be unsightly. Wrapping a column with capital around the load-bearing pillars is an excellent way to disguise them. You can make sure the pillars look great and reinforce the structure at the same time.

Most modern columns and capitals have a simple and elegant design. They stand out but don’t overwhelm the space, which makes them an ideal choice for all kinds of homes.

If you want to know more about Greek columns and capitals, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Worthington. Our team will answer your questions and offer straightforward advice.