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Top Five Reasons Why Fiberglass Columns are All the Rage

Top Five Reasons Why Fiberglass Columns are All the Rage
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They say it’s the little things that turn a house into a home, and as cliche, as it might sound, it’s true. For instance, when used on a porch, architectural columns tend to accentuate its facade, adding a touch of grandeur to the entire building. When creatively integrated into interior design, these columns can help create a fantastic focal point. However, the use of these columns isn’t limited to residential projects only as they can also be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a commercial building. If they’re part of your next project, ensure you use durable ones such as fiberglass columns.


What You Need to Know About Fiberglass Columns

Fiberglass columns have been having a moment in architectural works for all the right reasons as outlined below

1. Exceptional Strength and Durability

In most projects, columns serve a supportive role. For instance, when used on a porch, they bear the load of the roof and distribute weight evenly. Therefore, for a column to serve this structural role effectively, it needs to be strong and durable enough. That said, you’ll be glad to know fiberglass columns are also incredibly strong and durable. For instance, they are non-porous and waterproof; hence are not susceptible to insects or rotting. This means they remain functional for years to come.

2. They’re Stylish

As noted at the beginning, columns can also be used to add aesthetic appeal to a building. Fiberglass columns help you add this appeal as they boast the classical appearance of wood. Whether you want the Ancient Greek ionic style or the iconic Tuscan order, Fiberglass columns are easily customizable, hence can be tailored to whatever design you had in mind.

In a nutshell, fiberglass columns are both stylish and functional and can be creatively incorporated into a building’s interior or exterior design scheme to create a fabulous backdrop or focal point.

3. Boast Ease of Installation

Unlike heavy wood columns, fiberglass columns are usually lightweight. Also, unlike concrete columns which you must create from scratch, American made Fiberglass columns are usually ready for installation. This significantly reduces installation costs and make the work of anyone involved easier.

4. They’re Eco-friendly

Everything about fiberglass columns is eco-friendly. It requires very low production energy and promotes environmental conservation by taking up a large market, hence reducing the use of wood. Additionally, its energy efficiency, strength, durability, and easy recyclability mean that none of it ends up in landfills, which is good for Mother Nature. Therefore, if sustainability is one of the factors that you consider before undertaking any projects, fiberglass columns are for you.

5. Low maintenance

Unlike wooden columns which require painting and sealing to reduce the impact of weathering and keep insect and fungus away, fiberglass only require painting after every few years. Also, the reason you’ll be painting these columns is to give them a fresh new look and not because of damage. Therefore, fiberglass columns are the ideal choice for when you or your clients need columns that require little to no maintenance.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Fiberglass Columns for Your Project

If you’re going to incorporate columns into your project, ensure you consider the following factors beforehand

  •  Supplier Experience and Credibility

 An experienced and knowledgeable supplier will not only offer you quality American made fiberglass columns, but will also advise you about the pros and cons to help you make an informed choice. Therefore, ensure you go for a reputable supplier.

Other Important Factors to Consider

  • Cost
  • The style you want and customizability
  • Installation location

In a Nutshell

Fiberglass columns are the rage for all the right reasons. Join other happy users by checking out our broad selection of American made fiberglass columns and select according to the style and design that suits your project best.