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Six Ways to Incorporate Split Columns Into Your Home’s Style

Six Ways to Incorporate Split Columns Into Your Home’s Style
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Not many people know this, but split columns are an interior decorating trade secret. A split column is a hollow architectural column split “hot dog style” down the center so that the column forms two tall, aesthetically identical halves. What this leaves you with is the perfect accent to any elegant interior design. Not just for posting in the middle of a room, but also for providing subtle texture, depth, and gravitas when split and set in halves against a wall.


Today, we’re exploring six different ways that split columns can be used to accentuate your home’s interior style. While split columns are not usually load-bearing fixtures, they are an incredible addition to your detailing options.


Accent a Long or Two Story Wall

Long, tall, and very large walls tend to be a challenge to decorate. How do you break up the space into appealing sections of decor when you are working with one enormous canvas? Split columns are an ideal solution, both for very long walls and walls that stretch to two and three stories high.

Split columns create a subtle differentiation of space, adding texture and elegance without taking away from the beauty of an expansive and pristine wall. However you decide to decorate, whether you hang paintings in those now-defined spaces or let the columns draw the eye toward the vaulted ceiling, is sure to look spectacular.


Framing a Fireplace

A fireplace is a design opportunity waiting to happen. While a fireplace can be wonderful all on its own, this is your chance to turn that brick structure into the decorative centerpiece of your living room. Split columns set flush against the wall give your fireplace a sense of gravitas and classical emphasis without the need to worry about free-standing columns that will change your floor plan and cleaning routine.

Narrow split columns will subtly outline your fireplace while broad and ridged split columns will give it that Neo-Classical Roman look that is so popular in stately homes.


Wrapping a Load-Bearing Beam

If you are ripping out walls to open up your floor plan, one of the biggest aesthetic challenges to tackle are load-bearing beams right in the middle of the room. It should be noted that split-columns with their snap-together design and hollow core can be the perfect solution to quickly turn that load-bearing beam into an elegant addition to your interior design.


Emphasizing a Central Door

Do you have an important door or a doorway you’d like to frame as a central focus to your home’s design? Whether it’s the archway from the entryway to the living room or an impressive door leading to your entertainer kitchen, split columns are a fantastic way to give this door the sense of importance it deserves without structurally changing your home in any way. Simply take the two halves of the column and frame either side of the door. You can even use split columns decoratively as part of the doorframe itself.


Adding Texture to Bathroom Wall Design

Remodeling bathrooms can be challenging because every aspect needs to be water-resistant and easy to clean in addition to looking beautiful and relaxing. Split columns fit the bill with modern outdoor-worthy materials that can certainly withstand the humidity of long showers and luxurious baths. Use split-columns to add texture and solemnity to your bathroom walls during your next stylish remodeling project.


Framing a Floor-to-Ceiling Mirror

Finally, there is no better way to add a beautiful floor-to-ceiling mirror in your home than to frame it with split-column elegance on either side. Mirrors lay flat against your wall, but the columns will really make your mirror pop without worrying about a heavy integral frame. In fact, the split columns will make it that much easier to define any artistic nook for paintings, reading cubbies, or even your bay window.

Here at Worthington Millwork, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most aesthetically sophisticated columns for your home design. Indoors or out, whole columns or split, let your vision be your guide. Contact us today to consult on how split columns can fit into your homes remodel design and interior style.