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Rustic and Carriage Style Decks are Popular Trends

Rustic and Carriage Style Decks are Popular Trends
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The architectural style of your home will determine the type of deck, porch or patio that is the finish to your building. A rustic style home with open beam ceilings and wood walkways needs wood posts and railings for decks and stairs. A traditional home will likely use a variation of the carriage style railing and decks to complement the architecture.


Classic Carriage Style

The carriage style that works with Cape Cod and other traditional designs originated with the carriage house that was used for wagons and buggies on estates before motorized vehicles were fashionable. The carriage house on large estates had living quarters for servants above the building that housed the carriages. These quarters were often designed for the people who cared for the buggies, including the drivers and their families. 

Carriage house design often included peaked roofs and dormer windows. The traditional carriage house had railings and a stairway. The building may also have featured a balcony.

A modern version of the carriage house design is still used today to maximize lot space with the home constructed over the garage. Apartment communities, townhomes, and condominiums use this type of design with balconies and exterior staircases. The staircase can lead to a front porch with secure railings in the same design.

Carriage designs can also be used for balconies or decks at ground level. The design features white or light colored wood balustrades set between posts. Several styles of tops may be used over the balustrades. Worthington Millwork fabricates balusters and posts in traditional designs from cast fiberglass, polyurethane, or stone for homes and commercial buildings. The look is traditional although the products are modern and more resistant than wood to all weather conditions.

The railings can also be aluminum in the same white or colors of the posts. The railings and posts are available in several sizes and they are secure for balconies and upper decks. This design can also be used for fencing. The look is finished with traditional carriage lamps for exterior lighting. 

Rustic Design

Contemporary homes, Craftsman designs, country designs, cabins, and lodge style homes and buildings use rustic woods for decks and patios. This is the rough, aged and textured look that can be used for balconies as well as for porches and patios. This is a popular design concept that is used everywhere.

The rough textured wood can be combined with aluminum railings for fences, patios, and balconies. Worthing Millwork fabricates rough, aged faux wood with the same look and feel of aged wood. The boards are available in several different lengths for patios, beams, and post. Five different stains are offered along with white and a natural, unstained product. The faux wood does not rot with age and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

The manufactured faux wood beams can be used under patio covers or as support posts for a covered area. This is an extension of the beamed ceilings in a living room or family room leading to the patio. The faux wood products are design elements that complement outdoor patios and decks that use stonework. This includes outdoor fire pits and kitchens with wood and stone decks. 


Fence and deck rails made from 6063 aluminum alloy complement all deck and fencing styles. The railings are finished with AAMA 2604 powder coat paint in several colors to work with the rustic wood or classic carriage design posts. The railing kits available in several sizes, connect easily with the baluster posts of rustic wood or the more traditional styles.

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