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Preparing Your Jobsite Before/ After You Order

Preparing Your Jobsite Before/ After You Order
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We have some customers that are unsure about the preparations they should make after they have made a purchase. The image above shows one of our order forms with a checklist for delivery, and these are a few things you can ask yourself after you have ordered.

Feel free to ask us how much your order will weigh.

This may be helpful in understanding the equipment that may be needed to unload your delivery. Alot of our products are very lightweight. However, we do have products that are very heavy also. We use several different shipping methods to ship our products. Typically if it is a small product we prefer to use Fed-Ex, and for the larger products we use a freight carrier. Freight resized 600You do have the option of shipping using a flatbed truck, if this is something you are interested please let us know. Usually your item will be delivered in a closed container vessel. Fiberglass columns along with our other columns are always shipped freight. We also make sure that your order is insured.

If you are thinking about placing an order and have received your quote, feel free to download our Order Forms.

You may ask yourself – Do i need equipment to unload?

This will depend on the weight, along with the quantity. The image right above shows a flatbed truck delivering molding. This would ofcourse require a forklift to unload. Each 16′ piece of molding isnt very heavy however when you put them all together they weigh a lot.

I am not sure how the truck will reach my driveway?

You definitely want to make sure that your driveway is reachable, and a truck can access it easily. If this is not the case call the company that is delivering your purchase and make different arrangements before it is to late!