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Ideas on How to Design your Beams for your Home Project

Ideas on How to Design your Beams for your Home Project
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Beams are distinct architectural features with a particular rustic charm effect that adds warmth and depth to any home project. This is a look that is now being sought after by urban decors to be incorporated into contemporary spaces.


Beams can now be built to mimic real wood in terms of texture, look, color, grain, and size, thanks to technology. Here, we bring you creative ideas on how to design your beams for your home project.  

Use Beams as a Decorative Tool

From solid wood, real, to faux wood designs, beams can be used to give a decorative touch to a space. You can include them in rustic designs by choosing a textured beam or use them as a decorative tool for the extremely high ceilings.

Beams can also be used to create balance. If you have dark wood floors, for instance, you could incorporate the same color of beam or a species of faux wood and dark color of the lighting fixture.

You could also paint the beams white and add a light color to the ceiling. Here are some of the looks you achieve with beams:

  • The Solid Wood Look

Although these are the heaviest and most expensive, they are decorative beams designed to give any room a great authentic look. This design is suitable for a Mediterranean, Spanish, rustic, or lodge-style space.

  • The Box Wood Style

This type of beam can be configured to create different designs. Depending on the type of decor, you can choose a smooth or a roughhewn finish. With this style, do not leave gaps between the wall and the beam.

  • Faux Wood Style
    Beam Pics 1Family Room

From fiberboard, vinyl to lightweight foam, faux wood beams are lightweight and affordable and come in different materials. These can be used on ceilings that do not support the weight of real beams. You want to avoid oversized beams otherwise you might end up with a ceiling that appears to fall in on the room. 

  • Painted Beams Style

These are 3D beams that require the input of an expert. Customize the look by using combinations of paint. Use interior latex paint and eggshell sheen for best results.

Creating a Contemporary Design

Create a contemporary feel in your room by painting the exposed ceiling beams with the same color as the ceiling. This will give a subtle effect and a textured look to your ceiling. For more creativity, you could create contrast by using a darker and a lighter shade of the same color.

The Dark and Dramatic Design

Create a stark contrast by staining your beams with deep, vibrant hues such as reddish-brown and black against a lighter tone on the ceiling.

This pattern should instantly create warmth and character in any room. Complete the look by adding wood flooring or cabinetry with the same shade of color. Couple this with incandescent light to emphasize the rich color or install recessed pot lights to accent walls.

Industrial Chick Design

This is a popular design, with trendy lofts exposing ducts and vents for an urban look. With the right combination of décor, furniture, and lighting, any space can take an industrial-chic design look.

With this design, use utilitarian style fixtures as well as lamps to create some industrial chic into the space. Look also for an industrial-looking chandelier that has exposed filament bulbs as the beams to create a focal point.

For your furniture, items made from reclaimed wood or those with a matte metal finish should work perfectly. 

Beams with Natural Elements

Pair your wood beams with natural materials and include faux fur rugs for a cozier feel. If for instance, your beams have natural wood tones, bring in furniture with the same elements.

For a light color scheme, the beams should carry the same tone to make the room bright. The rugged edges of the room should be covered with flowing fabrics and soft furnishings. Revamp the entire look of the room by adding flowers or porcelain vases.

Decorative beams are suitable for any home project. Here are more ideas to look out for. However, consider the size and the height of your space before committing to a design.